As some  road projects finish up, additional projects are underway or about to get underway in Green.

It has been a busy construction season full of orange barrels throughout the city of Green. Thirty lane miles of roadway are expected to be resurfaced by the end of the year and several projects including, Mayfair, Arlington south, Greensburg west and Heckman are nearly complete.

As these projects finish up, additional projects are underway or about to get underway.


Arlington Ridge East started out as a driveway, then became a public road, serving as access to Taco Bell, McDonald’s, Bob Evans and three hotels.

It has been marked for updates.

“We plan to work only at night to minimize the amount of delays motorists will have to experience,” said Dave Hart, owner of Municipal Service Group.

Work on this project is expected to be done between 10 p.m. and 6 a.m. and plans call for all the asphalt to be removed from Arlington Road to Bob Evans and hotel entrances.

Street lights and a sidewalk on the south side of the road are expected to be added along with a safe crossing for pedestrians where it splits near the hotel entrance.


Another project that expected to get underway soon is Arlington Road under Interstate 77. Several improvements are expected to take place as a part of this project. Resurfacing will stretch from

where the state project ended and extend to the corporate limit. Lighting under the bridge will be added along with a sidewalk.

“The city recognized a break in the connectivity and decided to add a sidewalk because many people walk under the bridge,” Hart said.

This project could be completed in spring of 2014 if cold weather arrives early this coming fall.


Most of the work along Steese Road has been completed, but work will be ongoing on the sides of the road over the next several weeks. A center lane has been added from Green Intermediate School to just west of the roundabout. Sidewalks will also run along this stretch and connect the school to the roundabout.

Work along Shriver Road is expected to begin soon as sidewalks are expected to run from the Portage Lakes Career Center to Steese Road. Curbs, street lights and a wider profile of the road are expected to be completed along with this project.

Resurfacing of the entire stretch of Shriver is also expected to take place.

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