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* DAVE RAMSEY: Weekly Q&A with personal finance guru. This week: Staying on top of the insurance.
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HOME & GARDEN PAGE: Files defiled
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GETAWAY: New Haven deserves respect - New Haven, Conn., may very well be the Rodney Dangerfield of American cities. When I told co-workers I was heading there for the weekend, the reactions were fairly consistent. Eyes flew wide open; chins dropped and voices hit levels almost inaudible to all except dogs. "New Haven? Connecticut?'' was the chorus. Yes, New Haven.

NON-SKIER’S GUIDE: A non-skier's guide to a White Mountain winter - It's true that Eastern skiing doesn't get any better than in New Hampshire's White Mountains, but that's not the only way to enjoy the peaks. Whether you're looking for diversions while the rest of the family skis or are planning a non-ski winter getaway weekend, there's plenty to choose from in the "Whites."
THE BEER NUT: Do you speak Boontling? - I can picture it now: a high pockets walking along the Baldies with his favorite apple-head enjoying aplenty bahl steinber horn from the Anderson Valley Brewing Company while deeking out for a bluetail. MetroWest, Miller, on wire now, with photo
MARK P. VINCENT: Wine Wisdom: Surviving with wine in '09 - Feeling fortunate to survive another holiday season and much of February, not to mention the Bush presidency, I consulted my attorney, whose most practical advice seemed to be "Have a drink."
MetroWest, on wire now
COMMENTARY: The Joker proves designers can play a key role in developing a character - Imagine the internal transformation that took place inside Heath Ledger every morning when he looked in the mirror after his makeup had been applied. CNC, on wire now, with photo
KATHRYN REM: Grocery stores say refrigerated dog food is a big seller - SPRINGFIELD – You would expect to find hot dogs, ground beef and pork chops in a supermarket’s refrigerated cases. But some stores are adding a meat cooler in an unexpected location: the pet-food aisle.

MORE SHAM, LESS WOW: The ShamWow! claims to be a super-absorbent towel that can be used on everything from spills and stains to drying dishes and dogs. But does it live up to the hype? Not exactly. State Journal-Register. With video.

SUDOKU: Puzzles 190-217 are now posted. Sudoku links package can be found here:
ACADEMY AWARDS CONTENT: Check out our package of stories and photos for this Sunday's Oscars.

LICCAR CARTOON: Stimulus bill and pork.
MAHONEY CARTOON: On the auto industry.
PETER CHIANCA: Confused about commerce? Ask Dr. Business! - This week, we turn our column over to Dr. Business, our expert on finance and the economy, to answer your business questions. CNC, on wire now, with art
AMANDA JACOBS: These days, someone's always watching - or listening - Poor Michael Phelps. Just a few short months ago, he was America’s golden boy, and now his life has become a cautionary tale out of “Reefer Madness.”
EDITORIAL: Burris proves he's unfit to serve - The questions swirling around Sen. Roland Burris and his constantly changing story on what contact he had with Rod Blagojevich's administration prove he is not fit to be a senator. An editorial from the State Journal-Register.

YOUNG INVENTOR: Young inventor wins $10K from 'Design Squad' for emergency shelter - Twelve-year-old Max Wallack of Natick spent the day being followed around by television cameras, hanging out with engineers and building a model of his latest invention: A shelter for the homeless made from plastic, wire and packing peanuts.
MetroWest, Breitrose, on wire now, With photo
BURRIS RECORDS: List of lobbying clients provided by Burris doesn’t match public records - SPRINGFIELD – A list of lobbying clients that U.S. Sen. Roland Burris has given state legislators doesn’t match records kept by the Illinois Secretary of State’s office or the Chicago Board of Ethics, both of which register lobbyists and keep track of their clients. By Bruce Rushton of the State Journal-Register.
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DAVE RAMSEY: Weekly Q&A with personal finance guru. This week: Staying on top of the insurance.
CHECKOUT LANE: Happy gliding with the right pair of skis
MAKING CENTS: Wanna get rich? Watch your spending