Newton County residents can now file their annual tax assessment forms online.

Newton County residents can now file their annual tax assessment forms online.

Gloria Gourley, county assessor, said residents can file their annual statement of vehicles, farm equipment, livestock and other personal property on the Internet, rather than filling out an assessment form which was mailed to taxpayers earlier this month.

“We’re the first one in the state to offer this service,” Gourley said. “The rest of the 114 counties in Missouri, as well as the city of St. Louis, are looking at us to see how we fair with it. I’m sure they’ll go with it as soon as we get the bugs worked out.”

Gourley first met with technicians three years ago to see if offering tax assessment forms on-line was feasible. Two years ago, she offered the service to business customers to file assessments on their equipment.

The service works this way: An identification number for the online assessment can be found on the left side of the label of each taxpayer’s printed assessment form, which should have been received in the mail on or before Jan. 15. Taxpayers wishing to make their assessment online can go to and click the menu option “Personal Property Online.” They should then type in their on-line ID number and follow the prompts from there.

“For security purposes, we only allow the taxpayer to go in once,” Gourley said.
“Sometimes you’ll have a divorce, or someone just out of spite, will go in and add a Mercedes or something to the tax assessment.”

There are bars taxpayers can click on which will show what property they claimed last year, Gourley said. If there have been no changes, taxpayers can then add an online signature, and their work is finished.“We hope that next year, we will be able to mail everyone who filed online a postcard with their new ID number on it,” Gourley said.
“That will save some postage.”

Although the service has been available to Newton County residents for a few days, it’s already been a big hit, Gourley said.

“The first hour, we had 125 people file online,” she said. “I was pretty overwhelmed that people had seen it. I think we have the bugs worked out.”

Gourley said if people notice problems with the site, or have suggestions, they should contact the assessor’s office at 451-8258.

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