You love fresh citrus but tossing those rinds seems so wasteful. offers a few ways to put them to good use:

— Zest a lemon, dry it (Google how) and mix it with pepper for lemon pepper seasoning.

— Mix 2–3 tablespoons of grated lemon zest into about a cup of olive oil and let marinate for two weeks or so. Shake every so often. At the end of the two weeks, strain out the zest for lemon-infused olive oil.

— Let some citrus peels steep in your tea.

— Throw lemon rinds or orange peels in
vinegar and let the citrusy scent infuse it.

— Citrus peels will deodorize a garbage disposal.

— If you have ants or other pests coming in through door frames, windows or other cracks, place citrus peels in their path and they will run in the other direction.

— h/t Spend With Pennies