GREEN  For the past decade and a half, Sue Ciccoline was the moving force behind Green's girls tennis program. During those years, she oversaw the funding and completion of the new courts by the football stadium, won the Suburban League title, had numerous girls make it to the the state finals and built up a solid core of young tennis players for the future.

This past year, she decided to retire and turn over the reigns to a younger person.

That individual was Jenna Elliot Montisano, who had played under Ciccolini and made it to postseason play several times. Montisano took over coaching the team, along with the help of her father this year, and is hard at work building on what Ciccolini left.

"It has been a lot of fun to work with the girls this year," Montisano said. "I really enjoy seeing how the girls are improving as the season progresses. Graduation last year took a lot of varsity girls so this year is a growing year for us. But the girls have been working hard. We have been aiming to improve technique, and teaching positive attitude."

The team consists of four seniors, including two returning varsity players, two juniors and two sophomores. The record so far is 7-9, with the team being competitive in most of its matches. Considering the competition in the Federal League - one of the tougher leagues in the state - the team has done surprising well given the loss of varsity players from last year and having a new coach.

"I would like for us to make it to the sectionals, and for the team to win more than it loses," saud junior Grace Flowers, who has been on the varsity team for three years. "I think things have gone pretty well so far, though I know I can be play better. But it has been a fun year."

"I hope we do well in the Federal League, and that we get into the Sectionals. So far we have been doing fairly well in the Federal League," added junio Emily Christopher, who also is a three-year veteran.

Lauren Dephew has also played on the team for three years and said she is having fun and making friends.

"As a team we are slowly getting there, and are working a lot better as a team than we did in the beginning of the season," she said.