NEW FRANKLIN  An adult having two jobs isn’t uncommon. A high school student doing so is a much rarer thing.

Manchester senior soccer player Neveah Mowery is one of the few who do, working at two jobs this summer as she both readies for her final season of high school soccer and tries to earn money to pay for things like a car and her cell phone bill.

She splits time between working at Acme in Green and Occasions Party Center, where she works mostly on weekends as a server. Fitting both of her jobs into her schedule and also finding time for soccer can take some wrangling, but so far it’s worked out.

"It’s pretty well. I find out my schedule way ahead of time, so if I have anything big for soccer like a tournament or camp, I request off and they (work) are really good about that," Mowery said. "They know that being a student-athlete, you need to be there for practices and games so I’m always way ahead on my schedule and let them know."

She works at Occasions for banquets and weddings and at the special buffet the facility holds the first Thursday of every month. Her boss there contacts her and asks her to work specific weekend events and typically, her shifts are about six hours long.

Being a server at the venue is a bit different than being a server at a restaurant. Her job consists of filling water cups, serving salads and dinner rolls and making sure her tables stay clear during an event. It’s a much different gig than her job as a cashier at Acme, where she has worked since February.

"I’m a cashier, so I’m always in the front (of the store)," Mowery said. "You can also work as a cashier in the deli, cafe or bakery and being a cashier there, if you’re new, they’ll make sure to tell you what you have to do and everyone is really nice, helpful and cooperative."

Having two jobs is something Mowery decided to take on because she is saving up for a car. Her family leases a car she is able to use, but that least will be up in a few months and her grandfather suggested a while back that she should start saving up money to buy a car of her own when the lease ended.

She pays for insurance now for driving the leased car and also uses her earnings to pay her phone bill and also to have money to spend when she wants to hang out with her friends.

With soccer activities officially kicking off at the end of June, life is about to become even busier.

"On June 25 we start conditioning and we do running at the track and things like that," Mowery said.

As one of the seniors on a team that has enjoyed several strong postseason runs in recent years, she and her fellow seniors are eager to keep the winning tradition going for the program. None of them want to be part of the senior class that allows the Panthers’ level of play to slip below its normal standards and in tackling that responsibility, Mowery can apply lessons she’s learned from the working world.

"Being responsible and taking that big responsibility role is something I’ve learned," Mowery said. "You have a job and it’s kind of like you’re growing up and you have things you need to do and have things you need to stay on top of. You have to always be there on time and that also applies to school a lot, just building your reputation by being responsible by doing your homework and also it applies for soccer."

During the school year, Mowery typically works two or three days a week, depending on her schedule and other obligations. If she didn’t get as many hours the previous week, her bosses with sometimes give her an extra shift in the coming week to make up for it. Balancing two jobs is teaching her the importance of time management as well and that’s a skill that is useful when it comes to her academic work as well.

She’s eager to see her hard work pay off when she’s able to save up enough money to buy her first car. Her jobs and soccer obligations will keep her on the move this summer, but once she’s behind the wheel, those efforts should pay off.

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