Before the Revolutionary War, there was the French and Indian War. Why was it called that? The French weren't fighting the American Indians, a name native Americans were called back in the 18th century. The French and the Indians were on the same side fighting the settlers. This war helped in causing the settlers to look down upon the American Indian with derision. To this day, we still look down upon the native Americans to a certain degree; even though it was our ancestors, the settlers, who moved in on the Indians and took over their land from the start.

During the Revolutionary War, England's King George III was running low on soldiers, so he hired Hessian mercenaries from Germany to help his redcoats in his war against the colonists for their independence. Almost immediately, the English colonists living in America began ostracizing the German settlers who had been living here for decades, mainly the Pennsylvania Dutch which included among other sects, the Amish, the Mennonites and the Dunkards, eyeing them with suspicion and referring to them as 'Dirty Hessians.'

To avoid this, many of the German American colonists changed their surname by Anglicizing it. In doing so, it allowed them to blend in better with the English world and made it a lot easier for them to be accepted. Mueller became Miller. Schmidt became Smith. Weber became Weaver. So prevalent was this practice that those Hessians who liked this country and decided to live here after the war, also anglicized their surnames.

The Mexican/American war was fought against the Mexicans and even though the U.S. won and have not had major problems with them since, a faction still look down upon the Mexican people. So much so that, we the U.S. is building a wall to keep out drugs. At least that's what we're told. But could there be an underlying reason; an ulterior motive? That one being just to keep out the Mexicans?

Even the Spanish living in the West Indies, including Cuba and our own Puerto Rico, have been ostracized. We have never, ever, looked upon those blacks and Hispanics as equals, like we do others.

Read what happened to the southern black men and women who were living as slaves up to the Civil War and even beyond, throughout the Jim Crow era. Look at how those people suffered throughout the years and all they ever asked from those who owned them and were living under a constitution built on basic freedoms, was for that same freedom for their own lives.

It's a historical fact that as recently as WWII, the U.S. actually locked up Japanese Americans in concentration camps throughout this country. They were citizens of the United States and had the right to vote, but that didn't matter. Never mind that they worked and paid taxes, the same as the rest of us. The reason we did this was because the Japanese from the island nation of Japan had bombed America's Pearl Harbor in the Hawaiian Islands and suddenly, because some of our own citizens were of Japanese descent, they deserved to be locked up; or for some crazy reason such as that.

Now that coronavirus, also known medically as COVID-19, has hit this country with a vengeance and President Donald Trump decided to label it the “Chinese virus,” going so far as to crossing out the word “corona” on one of his prepared news texts and in its place inserting the word “China.” And he repeatedly uses it from time to time. Why?

It is believed that this virus originated in China. How they know this is anyone's guess. Others say it's been proven that it originated with Chinese bats. But as of this writing, extended research needed in this field before laying blame on something or someone have not confirmed such charges.

What we do know is that the coronavirus was first discovered in Wuhan, China. But did it originate there? Could it have originated in another Asian, African, Australian or European country and traveled to China on some person who may have been previously infected elsewhere?

Many restaurants have closed down because of this pandemic. They've all been hit hard, but I doubt if any of them have to fight unseen forces like the Chinese Americans who own restaurants here. They started losing customers shortly after the media reported about the strange new killer virus from China. It's hard enough staying in business and competing with others, but when you're fighting unseen and silent adversaries, you stand little chance of surviving.

Right after the news broke last December about a fast spreading virus first discovered in China, many Chinese restaurant reported a decline in business. By March, many had been quietly ostracized by others, both by word of mouth and via the Internet's social media. So much so that they closed their doors. Have we made a grievous error?

We had a Chinese restaurant right here in the Portage Lakes which closed its doors for the safety of their employees. Both my wife and I personally hope they survive and are able to open again.

And we also pray they don't look upon this nation with disdain just because of the ignorance of the few knuckleheads it has living here.

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