How long will we be sequestered in our homes? It's a question many have asked, but the answers vary from one person to another. The best answer I've heard was by Dr. Anthony Fauci, Director of NIAID (National Institute of Allergies and Infectious Diseases). He said, “ don't make the timeline. The virus makes the timeline.”

So if you're wondering if the home sequestered period will be up after 15 days, stop wondering. As for me, I agree with Fauci.

If you think it'll be safe to go outside and visit a friend because you haven't been exposed or have had any signs of the dreadful coronavirus, or just to do some needed shopping, even if you don't know or have had contact with anyone who might have been exposed, think again. As of Tuesday, there was more than 180,000 confirmed cases of coronavirus (medically known as COVID-19) in the United States alone. So many that this country is now recognized as the world epicenter of this pandemic virus. Sadly, we have lost more than 3,500 citizens to this frightening disease. That infamous world status means we have more cases than China, South Korea, Germany, France or Italy.

I can't speak for some, but if most of you are like me, I can say, that regardless of your test results, if you had wanted to see whether you were contaminated, make no mistake about it, this coronavirus has taken over our lives. Oh my, how it has taken over!

Who would have believed this could happen if they were told the first day of the year the world would be in the middle of a pandemic? I would not have. I would have looked at that person as some kind of a nut. I probably would have called the men who work with straight jackets and then did everything within my power to have that screwball hauled off to the funny farm. Hopefully, that farm's as far away as possible from you, me and the rest of the sane world.

Who would have believed that we'd be sequestered in our own homes, under an order from the governor to stay there for at least 15 days and not to venture outside unless for an emergency? Who would have believed our schools, churches and other institutions would be under those same orders, including the disappearance of hospital and nursing home visiting rights? Not I.

Even state governors, both democrats and republicans, have postponed any upcoming primary elections. As of this writing, Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Wolf just signed a bill postponing that state's primary until Tuesday, June 2. That makes a total of 11 states that will have primary elections that day. Talk about a Super Tuesday! Ohio's primary was rescheduled for April 28.

Hospitals are so packed, the overflow of new patients is taking such a heavy toll on equipment they currently have in stock, such as respirators, to help those who are ill breathe easier. So big a shortage is their inventory that they may have to turn away others. And now they are telling us that the number of new patients being admitted to hospitals is doubling every two days. Elected surgeries are being postponed and available hospital rooms and beds are almost non-existent.

From the middle of 2017 until August of 2018, most of you are aware that I spent 61 straight weeks hospitalized and/or in physical rehabilitation centers, including 59 straight days in the hospital. When I look back on it now, imagine how grateful I am that this coronavirus wasn't running rampant back then. I'm home, and both Peggy and I are heeding the governor's orders by staying here.

No more eating out, no more church activities, no sports gatherings, no dancing, no more socializing with others. As senior citizens who frequently tend to have weakened immune systems, why take a chance. We've made it this far in life. There's simply no need to speed up the inevitable.

Protect yourselves. The best way of doing that is starting with none other than you. In doing that, you're helping to stop the spread, and as a result, helping you neighbor.

Someday we'll look back at this and marvel at all those who survived.

Until then, we are in for the long run.

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