Virtually all sports of any kind at any level have been canceled, or suspended indefinitely.

Many forms of entertainment have been canceled.

Schools have been closed for about three weeks or longer.

Some businesses and jobs have been altered, and in some cases dramatically.

All of us being affected at least somewhat, and in a number of cases to a great deal.

Yes, it’s sad, disappointing, frightening and in some instances earthshaking, historic and unprecedented – at least to virtually everyone alive today – what the rapid spread of this coronavirus has done. We are all in uncharted waters. There is no previous experience on which we can fall back for guidance.

But we’re all in this together – we’ve found ourselves in the same strange, precarious situation – and if we just listen to the health professionals who are, in essence, running this country, all countries and the world overall right now and for the foreseeable future, heed their advice and warnings and use common sense – simple common sense -- we will get through this. We will definitely get through this.

Indeed, it is not business as usual, literally and figuratively, and it is not life as usual. It can’t be, for what we were doing obviously didn’t work and won’t work going forward. So, then, things are going to change – they need to change – and we can’t go back. Life, our neighborhoods and our communities and the world as a whole will be different.

To be sure, this is not easy for any of us. It is unsettling in many ways – almost every way, really – and will take a while and perhaps even quite a while to get used to. It will be a learning process for everybody. Virtually no one is excluded.

What we can’t do above all else, though, is panic. There is no need for that. And anyway, it wouldn’t help. Stay calm, be smart and be diligent.

It’s a bunch of steps backward now for the hope – and expectation – to take quantum leaps forward at some point.

This is, like it or not, the new reality. So just be adaptable, and patient, kind and understanding to all in your circle and beyond, especially to those at most risk.

Again, the hope -- and expectation – is that we will at some point sooner rather than later come out of this stronger, better and smarter.