To the Editor:

At the final Council meeting of the year, two year Council member and current Council President, Bob Young, had the not insignificant assignment, to present the three Council members that were leaving a traditional plaque from the city to thank them for their service and say a few sincere words expressing their worth.

His opening remark, “…we have three new members coming in, and we’re getting rid of three …” Appropriate perhaps for a more informal occasion like a bowling banquet trophy presentation, but not so much for a thank you from our city to those we elected to serve. But I digress.

What “quickly” followed were two short introductions thanking Steve Dyer and Justin Speight for their dedication and willingness to give service to the city; wishing them well and their families best wishes and a Merry Christmas.

The third introduction appeared to have been thought out a little more than the previous. Chris Humphrey was called a “dear friend;” he was an asset and Mr. Young was “positive his leaving will leave a positive void.” He was thanked for his time, education and his dedication was second to none. He served as president three times and finance chair for seven years. Mr. Young stated “we don’t know what we’re going to do without him but we think we got a good opportunity for a replacement”.

The entire presentation for three men took 2 minutes and 11 seconds. It was an extremely long committee and council Meeting and the hour was getting late. I don’t believe anyone in that room or anyone watching would have begrudged a little more time to express a sincere thank you to these three council members who sacrificed their time and time with their families to work for us. How fitting it would have been if our mayor would have been the one thanking his council members.

Once again, Mr. Young has embarrassed me, himself and the City he represents. It was an occasion that he could make light of and get a few laughs. He didn’t take it seriously as a responsibility that came with his post.

I served on Council for eight years. Council can be a difficult place to be, not everyone gets along, and may disagree more than agree on issues. But when your term is over, for whatever reason, a council person deserves the sincere thanks and respect of his peers and the Administration. That’s exactly what I received and I can tell you it was very much appreciated.

Steve, Justin and Chris, you deserved better.

Lynda Smole

Former Council-at-Large

Green City Council