When you read this, the New Year's celebration will have been here and gone. But that doesn't mean you can't make resolutions. That is, if you haven't already. If you have, good for you. Nevertheless, keep this in mind. Regardless of what some may say, it's never too late to make one – or even more.

New Year's is more than a reason to drink until your eyeballs are floating, getting sloshed to the gills, staggering home like a drunken stumble-bum and then suffering with debilitating pain (the kind that's not even registered on the pain scale) from a three day hangover.

Each new year knocks on our door and offers us a great opportunity to wipe the slate clean. A chance to start anew. You agree, but say you're not sure how? Well that's where I come in – to pass along suggestions. Since we all have the well-worn “Peace Among Humanity” resolution memorized, let's move on to other ideas.

It may be good to start easy. It could even be better to start small. No matter which way you choose, I've found out that the best way is to start with the most important person in your life; your spouse or significant other. Here are some tips I've discovered that seem to work.

Guys, if friction exists between you and your Sweetie, bring her flowers. One single rose is enough to brighten her day. She knows its significance. You should notice a difference immediately.

More importantly, listen to what she has to say. While we men tend to keep issues to ourselves, our ladies feel much better if they can talk things out with someone they trust. Doing so helps to eliminate that empty feeling of loneliness we all experience from time to time. Treat her the way you did during those days long ago when you were courting. Try these ideas and you should notice the difference. Even your love life could improve.

For the ladies, the following has been said time and again. The way to a man's heart is through his stomach. It was true way back when and it's still true today. Surprise him occasionally with a special meal. Surf and turf sounds good. For newlyweds, that's a filet mignon and lobster tail and it isn't that expensive to make every so often. I doubt if it costs anymore than what you'd pay in a nice restaurant for a decent meal. And it will have originated right from the center of your love filled heart.

Or, the next time a game he wants to watch is televised, sit with him and cheer too. But be sure it's not for the opposite team. He'll love you even more than what you could ever have imagined. As a matter of fact it could blast itself right through the top of the love scale.

Now for the young, single gals and guys. Offer to help your siblings with whatever project they're working. I know, I know. It's hard. After all I was once a young lad your age many, many years ago and I had to get along with ten other siblings.

With all those kids, my mom used to threaten us. “Learn to get along and play nice,” she'd order us, “or it's out the door you go. And you won't get back in.” This was during the middle of winter. We were only ten, but it worked.

Finally try offering random acts of kindness, even to those you've never met. But use your God-given common sense. If you suspect they may be undesirables with whom you would rather not associate, diplomatically move on to someone you trust; anyone whom you think would enjoy your kindness. If they offer to pay you, turn it down. Instead, ask them to pass it on.

By doing so, it could go far in assuring peace among all humanity.

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