NEW FRANKLIN During the Aug. 5 New Franklin City Council meeting, Mayor Paul Adamson said that in the morning he had a conference call with Gov. Mike DeWine and other Ohio mayors.

During the call, he found that revenues are down but said that New Franklin did receive $400,000 and may receive another $400,000.

"Consequently, we are awaiting direction on how the money may be applied," said Adamson.

He said that the COVID-19 numbers are increasing throughout Ohio. New Franklin has had a total of 27 cases and of those, 25 of those were within the past 28 days.

Other actions:

• Legislation authorizing New Franklin to enter into an agreement with God Associates for the design of the Benner Road Bridge and a resolution authorizing for the city to enter into an agreement with GPD Associates for the design of the Benner Road Bridge project were passed.

• A resolution was approved authorizing New Franklin to apply for a Byrne Justice Assistance Grant for the purchase of seven Motorola APX Mission Critical Radios.

• During the mayor’s report, Adamson said the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has bids out for the water construction and may begin work in November.

"We are expecting completion by next year on State Route 93, no assessments; nor will residents be mandated to tie in," he said.

• A proposal to partnership and manage the Tudor House was provided Aug. 3. The city would remain as owner of the property and will have full use of the property. This is the first stage of the proposal and feedback will be requested, along with further discussion.

• Adamson announce they would be meeting Aug. 7 with the mayor of Green to discuss formation of joint dispatch between the cities.