BELMONT — The American Legion Post in Belmont is currently searching for new fellow veterans to help save their organization. 

The Post is facing closure if numbers don’t increase. The average age of those currently attending the Legion is around 72, according to Terry Puperi, commander and financial officer of Post No. 312.

With the median age growing every year, the Post is struggling to attract younger veterans to join the organization.

Right now, it has 21 members. The state minimum is 25. If it doesn’t meet the requirement by the end of the calendar year, it will lose its charter which has been held for well over 100 years.

The American Legion is attached to the Tri-State Military Veterans Museum and gives out two scholarships every year, among other community services.

The only requirements to join are having served in the armed forces and having an honorable discharge. It's relatively affordable at only $30 a year.

To learn more about becoming a member, call 740-310-9042.