Narcan was administered April 29 after a man was overdosing and the man woke up. A hypodermic needle and a paper fold were found when they fell from his pocket. The man did not want to go to the hospital. Charges for drug possession and drug abuse instruments are pending the test results.

A man received a text message May 5 from someone who claimed to be a friend of his who told him to go to a website to claim some money. The man said over the past 30 days he was instructed to go purchase Google Play Cards and then enter the card numbers to the website. He said he was supposed to receive an undisclosed amount of money via UPS. When it did not arrive, he knew he had been scammed. He had sent a total of 7 Google Play Cards totaling $1,800.

A man told police May 6 that he noticed that Summit Body Shop's garage door was damaged. Then he called the owner to notify him. Miscellaneous tools were taken from the business. A broken driver's side window was also noticed.

A traffic stop was initiated on May 7 and the driver did not stop. The chase reached speeds of 90 miles per hour in a posted 65 miles per hour zone and the driver reportedly began to recklessly cut off other motorists, almost causing an accident. Due to the reckless driving, the pursuit was terminated and he continued. The identity of the driver was confirmed to be the owner of the vehicle. A warrant was issued for his arrest for failure to comply.

Someone had wandered on the property of a residence on Bruce Road on May 8 and broke into the vehicles and attempted to gain entry into the residence. This was noticed by the son of the man that owns the residence. The owner passed away in mid-February and the house had been vacant. The son does not know of any property that was taken. A black crowbar was found in the side yard of the residence.

Police received a report May 8 of a broken window at a business that was closed due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The window was a double pane and it was the inside pane that was damaged. There was no damage to the outside pane and there were no signs of forced entry.

There was a report May 9 of a suspicious person going through mailboxes. The man had left before police arrived. A woman stated that the man got out of his vehicle up the street and was yelling profanity at her. A witness said that he observed the same but heard the the man yell "get back in the house or I'll kick your ass.“ There is an active protection order protecting the woman from the man. A warrant was issued for his arrest.

A rear window of a man’s business was broken on May 9. The man found a brick that they used to break the window. The owner stated there is no way whoever broke the window made it into the building without cutting themselves.

Someone broke the side window of a woman’s vehicle May 10 while it was parked on Wilpark Drive. The woman is a home health care worker and she was there checking on a patient. Nothing was reported stolen.

Officers were called for a burglary in progress May 10 but the man had fled before police arrived. A woman said she knew who had tried to break into her trailer. She stated it was someone she met through her friend. She could not give much information on the man, but she told police she was scared of him. He had tried to break in a week ago and she didn't report it because of her fear of him. The woman made a list of items that were stolen.


A woman drove off the road, striking a mailbox on May 10. A passenger fled the vehicle and ran into a residence. The driver started to overdose and went unconscious. She was revived with Narcan and was checked out by EMS and released. She could not perform the sobriety test adequately and she was arrested for being under the influence of drugs. She had fentanyl in her pocket and loaded needles in the car. The passenger’s wallet was found in the vehicle and the woman had several warrants. Inside the wallet was fentanyl. The passenger could not be located. The driver was issued a summons for operating a vehicle under the influence, possession of drugs, and possession of drug paraphernalia. The passenger was issued a warrant for possession of drugs.

A couple reportedly got into an argument about COVID-19 on May 13 and the woman said the man slapped her in the face, causing swelling. The man said he only knocked the phone out of her hand. The woman signed charges for domestic violence. The man was arrested and taken to jail.

A man and his adult son got into an argument on May 13 and the adult son left the premises after reportedly saying “you’re a dead man” to his father. The father signed domestic violence charges and there is a warrant for the son’s arrest.

Someone threw eggs at a woman’s house during the early hours of the morning on May 18 and it caused damage to the siding.

Police were sent to check on a residence after hearing a loud argument on May 19. When officers arrived, a man was leaving the residence and he was detained. The man’s father said they had been arguing over a trailer. The man then pushed his father. The man also had warrants for domestic violence and was arrested for domestic violence in this incident and was taken to jail.

Police had responded to a break-in on May 20 and were working the scene when they saw a green Dodge Dakota truck drive by three times. The suspects of the break-in had fled on foot and police believed the Dodge may have been there to pick them up. Police stopped the vehicle and asked the driver if she knew the suspects. She said yes, but said she was just trying to charge her phone. Police checked the woman for warrants and she had two and was arrested. She was then asked if she had anything illegal on her. She gave the police her purse which had needles in it. She was also charged with possession of drug abuse instruments and turned over to Stow Police Department on the warrants.


An 18-year-old man did not signal when he was making a tur May 8 and was pulled over. A K-9 unit performed an open air sniff on the vehicle and alerted. The man admitted to having marijuana in his shoe. It was seized and he was issued a summons for possession of marijuana.

A search warrant was conducted May 9 on a Beechnut Drive home that was being investigated for drug activity and gambling. Officers found gambling equipment, machines, money, and drugs. A man who was living in the home was arrested. He has a prior conviction for gambling and operating a gambling house. He was charged with gambling and felony operating a gambling house.

An officer stopped to talk to a man who was standing beside a parked car in front of a residence on May 10. The man said he was on his way to a gambling house. Another man stood on the stoop of the residence, knocking on the front door. The officer asked to speak with him and, when questioned, the second man admitted to having a pipe and meth on him. Near the vehicle was also a baggie of marijuana and the second man said it also was his. The second man was charged with possession of drugs, possession of drug paraphernalia and possession of marijuana.

A couple got into an argument May 11 at Fairfield Inn and several patrons complained to the front desk. An employee went to check on the room and said she could hardly hear a female when she asked if everything was okay. When police arrived, a man said he had slammed doors and thrown a cell phone. The woman also said nothing got physical. She said she received some scratches on her neck from play fighting with him the previous day. A witness said the woman did not have those scratches yesterday and that the woman was hiding a lump on her head using her hair. Police looked and saw the lump. The woman said she fell off the bed while she was drunk. The man was arrested for domestic violence.

On May 14, an officer saw a vehicle that had been reported stolen from Akron. The officer stopped the vehicle and the driver said he bought the vehicle an hour ago by trading a dirt bike for it. He did not have a title or bill of sale. The driver also had a suspended license. The driver was issued a summons for driving under suspension and receiving stolen property. The passenger had a warrant for his arrest and the passenger’s bag had needles in it. He was issued a summons for possession of paraphernalia and taken to jail for the warrant.

During a traffic stop on May 15, a driver was found to have a suspended license, marijuana and MDMA. He was charged with possession of drugs, possession of marijuana and drug paraphernalia and was issued a summons.

A woman reportedly got into an argument with some other women in Briarwood Estates on May 16. When the woman returned to her apartment, she found someone had broken out the front window. The other women stated they did not know anything about the broken window.

A woman was loading her car after being at Target on May 17 and set down her Apple Macbook Pro. She then forgot it and left. When she returned, it was gone.

A man was reportedly trying to contact his ex-girlfriend who has a protection order against him. He sent a message on Facebook and tried to call her via video chat. The woman did not answer. He was arrested and issued a summons.

Someone took a man’s juniper bushes May 18 on Bellflower Lane.

Someone broke into a residence May 19 through a window on Sewell Avenue. Nothing was reported missing.

A woman told police that she left her gun in the glovebox of her vehicle after going to a shooting range on Mother’s Day. She remembered it was in there on May 19 and went to remove it when she realized it was gone. The gun was not registered in her name because she bought it at a gun show.

A woman’s son had friends over without his mom knowing. A woman returned to her home on May 19 and found that her son had friends over withouth her knowing. The mother told everyone to leave and then realized her iPhone was missing. She believes one of her son’s friends took it.

A man captured video May 22 of a black Honda Accord driving through the Delta Drive neighborhood and taking pictures of mailboxes.


A man told police May 7 that he had been trying to contact a woman all evening by telephone and by banging on the door with no response. The man stated that the woman is a habitual alcoholic. Officers found the woman but she was too intoxicated to stand up and unlock the door. Uniontown Fire Department forced entry into the front door and transported the woman to Akron City Hospital for detox.

A woman admitted to punching her live-in boyfriend in the chest during an argument on May 11. She was booked into the Stark County Jail.

Officers responded to a residence for a report of a stolen vehicle on May 11. Upon further investigation, it was discovered that the owner of the vehicle had a warrant for failure to appear out of Stark County. The owner was issued a summons and released.

Officers were dispatched to a domestic incident on May 13 between a father and his adult daughter. No physical violence occurred, but the daughter was highly intoxicated and became disorderly and disobeyed officers commands. She resisted arrest and was booked into the Stark County Jail.


A vehicle was stopped for a broken tail light on May 11. The driver was operating with a suspended license. She was arrested and released with a summons.

A woman and her ex-boyfriend got into an argument on May 11. The ex-boyfriend punched her in the face and officers observed a black eye on the woman. The ex-boyfriend stated he was sleeping and the woman attacked him and he hit her in self-defense. He had no physical injuries on him. It was determined the ex-boyfriend was the primary aggressor and he was placed under arrest for assault and released with a summons.

A vehicle was stopped for a headlight issue on May 12 and the driver gave consent to search the vehicle. An officer found a glass pipe and two small baggies of methamphetamine inside a black purse. The driver was arrested and taken to Barberton City Jail.

A man reported May 12 that someone purchased two Apple watches by using his Sam's Club account Mastercard. The total amount charged to the card was $859.41 on May 7. The person had also changed the shipping address on their Sam's Club account so the Apple watches would be sent to an address in Shaker Heights.

A driver drove off with the gas pump still attached to his vehicle May 13 at PLX Express. An employee asked the driver to stay so he could get the insurance information, but the driver fled. The employee got the license plate and officers tracked him to his home to get the insurance information.

A woman told police May 13 that her child's father was sending threatening text messages. In the text message, the man states that he will cause serious physical harm to the woman. She believes that he would act on his threats. Officers spoke with the man who stated he did send the text message out of anger. He was advised that he needs to turn himself into the New Franklin Police Department for the charge of aggravated menacing. He turned himself in the next day and was arrested and released on a summons.

Someone shot holes into a man’s siding and window on May 14 on South Cleveland-Massillon Road.

A vehicle was stopped May 14 for a cracked windshield and obstructed view. The driver was operating the vehicle on a suspended license. He was placed under arrest for the operating a vehicle under suspension and later released with a summons.