A man signed up to be a secret shopper on May 1 and was given a check to deposit into his account. He was told to use $421.50 to buy and send gift cards to an address in Louisiana. He was then told to purchase $2,000 worth of money orders to send to an address in New Jersey. His bank called and told him the original “secret shopper” check did not clear.

An intoxicated man was walking around Cambria Hotel May 2 and bleeding from his hand. He had been sleeping in his room when he woke up and punched a mirror. He then left but came back to collect his things. The other people in the room would not let him in because of how aggressive he was. The man caused damage to the door and lock before leaving the hotel. Officers gave him a ride to a truck stop. After tallying the damage, Cambria Hotel signed vandalism charges for a warrant for the man’s arrest.

During a traffic stop on May 2, an officer recognized a wanted man with warrants. The man had needles, heroin, and meth in his backpack and wallet. He was issued a summons for possession of drugs and drug paraphernalia before being released.

At Sheetz on May 2, a man who was wearing a long black coat was carrying and talking to a crystal ball. The man was banned from the store from previous incidents. An officer told him to leave and not return to any Sheetz store or he could be arrested. The man left.

A woman reported May 3 that someone had thrown dog feces on her second floor porch twice in the last week and put some under her windshield wipers.

A woman reported on May 3 that a youth group was going door-to-door inviting people to join the church. The Baptist church youth group was warned of the stay-at-home order and social distancing rules. The officer also warned of their potential of carrying the coronavirus to elderly who are at home.

A property manager at DeHoff Development Company reported May 4 that a homeless man who set up camp in their wooded area. The homeless man was asked to leave. He cleaned up his stuff and left.

A man, who was in the parking lot of Summa Health Hospital on May 4 while his boyfriend was getting treatment, was seen on video footage masturbating in the car. He was asked to leave the parking lot.

A man reported May 6 that he was attacked by his neighbor’s dogs. When deputies responded, they found the loose dogs and one deputy shot his gun when a dog attacked him. The gunshot caused damage to a garage door. The dogs were rounded up and put back behind their fence. The owner has been charged with failure to control dogs.

Someone used a woman’s six-year-old son’s security number to claim him on their taxes.

Two men in a black minivan were driving around a neighborhood on May 6. They stopped and approached a residence but returned to their vehicle when a resident questioned them as to why they were there. An officer caught up to the vehicle and stopped them. The driver, a woman, told the officer that she had a suspended license. She also had a warrant for drug paraphernalia. The passenger had a warrant for trafficking drugs. The backseat passenger was the owner of the vehicle but his license was not reinstated. The owner at first gave consent to search the vehicle, but then rescinded it when the officer got to the glove compartment. The officer said they would call a K9 then and they would have the wait. The owner did not want to wait and gave consent to search again. The officer found marijuana, suboxone pills and heroin and the driver was arrested. A crack pipe was then found near the front passenger. There was also another glass pipe in the backseat passenger area and the owner claimed it. Both were issued a summons and released. During the investigation, the three said they were looking for a friend that needed a ride. The friend was identified and it came back that she had three warrants, including a felony. When officers went to apprehend the friend, she tried to run but was caught. She was found in possession of pills that were sent for testing. Officers believed the woman looked sickly or under the influence, and called the Green Fire Department where she was transported to a hospital. She was charged with obstructing official business and issued a summons.

A man reported May 7 that his neighbor had been receiving a variety of packages. The neighbor owns another residence and the officer went to the other residence to speak with him. The other residence was overgrown and full of boxes and belongings. The neighbor seems to have a hoarding issue and the officer reported this to the man.


Overnight on Sanitarium Road, A man told police on April 26 that he believes that someone has been trying to break into his vehicle on Sanitarium Road. He believes his neighbors are involved, but he said he has no proof. He then showed an officer what appears to be a drill bit he found on the ground that could possibly have been used in the commission of the possible crime. He then opened his car door and showed multiple scratches, dings and dents on the inside of the door. The man said his bank card is missing but he isn’t sure if he lost the card or it was stolen.

A woman reported April 27 that she paid $400 for what she believed to be an iPhone XS. When she opened the box, it was empty.

A woman reported April 28 that her estranged husband had Dominion East Ohio Gas Company terminate the service. He misled Dominion East Ohio Gas stating the premises were vacant. This is a violation of the active protection order and also violation of their common pleas domestic court orders.

A man told police on April 28 that he suspected his Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus smartphone had been compromised by someone and the person changed his Verizon account. His Chase checking account may have been compromised and funds misappropriated. The loss could only be estimated because of dropped calls and interference, but he said it is in the thousands. A review of the man’’s phone revealed moving application icons and activity on the phone, not in his control nor completed by him nor his wife. Further police investigation proved the funds in question had not been misappropriated nor stolen and were accounted for and in the Chase account. The man advised he would follow-up with Chase Global Security Investigation Department the following day to remove all internet access authorization to his banking account. Additionally, the man advised he would follow-up with Verizon the following day.

A woman told police April 30 that her brother was yelling and acting like a maniac. When she questioned him about it, the brother grabbed her by the neck and pushed her. The brother then left the residence when the sister said she would call police. The sister did not want to press charges because she said her brother is young and needs to learn, but she said she wanted to file a report. The brother returned to the house about two hours later around noon with a baseball bat. He made threats before leaving again with his girlfriend. An officer stopped him and arrested him for domestic violence. He was issued a summons and released.

A 12-year-old was bit by a dog on April 30. He had a severe laceration to his left hand. The Lakemore Fire Department and his parents were on scene. The boy said he was trying to break up two of his dogs that were fighting and one bit him.


There was reports of a loud party April 26 at Red Roof Inn that was disturbing others. One man, who appeared intoxicated, reportedly tried to stop the police from entering the room. That man was told to leave, but he would not gather his belongings. Then, the man reportedly chest-bumped an officer and when being told to back off, he refused. When they tried to detain him, the man became combative and resisted. While cuffed, the man started kicking at officers. After a struggle, the man was put in the police cruiser where he kicked the windows and was flipping himself around the back seat. He was taken to jail but was unable to be immediately processed because of his intoxication level and aggressiveness.

A woman reported medicines from her purse went missing after she left her car unlocked overnight April 30 in her driveway on Lessig Avenue.

Someone stole a man’s vehicle that was parked in his driveway on Chevelle Drive on May 2. The car was unlocked with the key fob in it. Two hours later, the man found his vehicle parked behind the Red Roof Inn. The key fob was not found. A thermal shirt was found in the vehicle but it did not belong to the man.

Two people were sleeping in a car behind a business on May 2. The woman in the vehicle had a protection order against the man in the vehicle due to a prior incident. The man also had an outstanding warrant out of the Akron Police Department. During a search of the vehicle, illegal items were found and they both claimed ownership. They were both charged with possession and the man was charged with violating a protection order. They were released with summons.

A woman reported on May 3 that an argument turned physical when she told her juvenile daughter that she could not see her boyfriend. The daughter hit the woman multiple times in the face and head with a closed fist. The daughter was arrested and released to the care of her grandmother. The woman was taken to the hospital for her injuries.

On April 26, officers responded to a report of a man yelling at a woman and trying to enter her residence. The man left before police arrived and police located him. He was taken to jail on his warrants.


Someone stole items from a man’s garage on Fairland Road between April 26 and May 3.

There was a report of a man lying on the ground next to a vehicle in a car wash bay on May 3. When the officer arrived, there was a hypodermic needle on the hood of the vehicle next to the man. The man stated that he had injected a drug he thought to be methamphetamine. The New Franklin Fire Department was called to the scene and they medically cleared him. He was placed under arrest for possessing drug abuse instruments and was released on a court summons.