• A car was being inventoried on April 26 after a crash so that it could be towed. A gun was found in the car. It was not stolen. The two people who had been in the car did not own the car and stated it was not their gun. It has been secured until the owner is determined.

• Someone found shoes and a syringe at Logan Field on April 29.

• There was a complaint May 2 of loud dogs that would not stop barking. When an officer arrived on scene, he saw the two dogs and went to talk to the neighbor. The officer reported that the dogs barked the whole time making conversation difficult. The dog’s owner was told that she was violating the nuisance condition ordinance and enforcement would be taken if it continued.

• A woman was outside her home with her kids on May 4 when a vehicle drove by very slowly. It had two men inside and they appeared to be watching her and the children. When the vehicle turned around and left, she saw her ex-husband whom she has a protection order against. A warrant for his arrest has been issued.

• A hospital manager could smell marijuana coming from a next door business on May 5. The manager reported this is not the first time this has happened. An officer knocked on the door and met with the owner. The officer also smelled marijuana coming from inside. The owner said that he did have marijuana and turned over 10 grams. He said he was not smoking in his business. He was arrested for possession of drugs and later released.

• A Circle-K employee found a baggie of white crystalline substance on the floor on May 7. Police retrieved it.

• A man was yelling obscenities and challenging people to a fight on May 7 before returning to his house before police arrived. When police contacted him at his home, he was reportedly intoxicated, uncooperative and would not calm down. He was arrested for disorderly conduct, issued a summons and released.


• Someone stole a catalytic converter off a customer’s car at Duane’s Automotive on April 24.

• During a domestic incident on April 24, Lakemore Police assisted in a search for a vehicle. They found a couple and one of the parties had a protection order against the other. The other was arrested for violation of a protection order and taken to jail.

• A woman told police on April 24 that she believes someone has been tampering with her phone since 2011. She experiences distortions and static and volume changes on her TracFone. She has been working with AT&T to fix the issue.

• A man on Knollwood Drive told police April 25 that someone placed screws on his driveway and it was the third time it has happened. His anti-Trump signs were also taken.

• Police were called April 25 to check on three teens swimming in a lake. When officers arrived, the teens had just gotten out of the water and said they didn’t expect it to be so cold and said they wouldn’t go in again.

• A man said April 25 that his brother damaged a vehicle in his driveway. The brother hit the vehicle with an axe three times. This was witnessed by another person. The brother left the residence before police arrived so a charge for criminal damaging has been issued for him.

• A man was yelling at a woman and trying to enter her residence on April 26. He had left the scene before police arrived. The man was located and placed under arrest for active warrants for domestic violence and child endangering. He was taken to the Summit County jail.

• A man was talking to a woman on Tinder on April 28 when the woman threatened to ruin his life if he did not send her $4,500. He reported it to the police and was advised to stop contact with her. If she contacted him again, he is to report it to police.

• A man was driving his elderly mother’s vehicle April 29 and found the passenger side filling with smoke. He stopped the car and got out and the engine compartment filled with flames. Green Fire responded and extinguished the fire. He was driven home.

• Around 2 a.m. April 29, a man and his passenger were driving around Serra Auto Lots and they were stopped by police. They said they were just shopping. They were told to return only during daylight hours.


• An adult son was charged with domestic violence against his mother on April 16. A warrant was issued for his arrest and turned himself in. He was issued a summons and released.


• On March 29, a man said that he believes his grandson entered his pole barn and took a scooter, a 4-wheeler and a moped.

• An employee at Storage Zone called a woman April 7 to inform her that her storage unit was broken into. The woman had not been to her storage unit since November. She has a home in North Carolina, where she has been for the winter. She and her son had property in the unit and she is gathering a list of missing items.

• A man reported that on April 15 someone stole a Green ATV that was for sale and sale sitting in his side yard.

• A woman told police that a man got in her bed around 11 p.m. April 19 and forced oral sex on her then forced her to have sex with him after she requested he stop. The man was at the home to visit a friend who also lived at the residence.

• Police received a call April 19 of a possible intoxicated driver. The driver was not intoxicated, but said he was tired from driving. He was found to be driving under a suspension, however, and was then placed under arrest. During an inventory of the vehicle, a 9MM firearm was located under a pillow on the driver's seat of the vehicle. In the center console, police found a glass methamphetamine pipe, two marijuana pipes and a small baggie of marijuana. The driver admitted to possession of the firearm and drug paraphernalia. The driver does not have a permit to conceal carry in Ohio. The driver was then placed under arrest for carrying a concealed weapon and possession of drug paraphernalia.

• A Giant Eagle employee called a woman on April 20 to let her know that two of her checks have bounced and were found to be fraudulent. The woman advised Giant Eagle that she doesn't write checks to the store. She then discovered that the bank information on the check was from Fifth/Third Bank, which is not her bank. Someone had stolen her identity and put them on counterfeit checks. The checks were used at Giant Eagles in Beachwood and Cuyahoga Falls. One check was written for $495. 26 and the second was $700.00.

• A woman told police April 20 that her live-in boyfriend choked her with an electrical cord after a verbal argument. She had minor injuries to her neck and face. The boyfriend has been previously convicted of felony domestic violence. A warrant for domestic violence was issued for his arrest.

• Police received a call April 20 about a woman who was barely breathing. She had overdosed on heroin and was given two rounds of Narcan. She admitted to using heroin but said she couldn't remember where she got it.

• A man got into an argument April 26 with his live-in girlfriend. She bit him on his bicep, causing a substantial mark. She was arrested for domestic violence and then transported to the jail.


• A Valley Crest Drive man reported an unknown person took two shotguns on April 26 from his unlocked vehicle in the driveway. On April 28, during an unrelated incident, a man told an officer that a friend and his daughter were out walking the woods between Renninger Road and Valley Crest Drive when they found a black gun case with a Remington 870 shotgun inside. The shotgun has been brought back to this station and confirmed.

• A woman told police April 28 that she had an argument with her ex-boyfriend who was spending the night. He ended up punching her in the face three times and then left the residence on foot. The ex’s cell phone was called and he told police his location. He was issued a summons for assault.

• An employee said she bought four gift cards valued at $500 each on four different credit cards under the order of emails from her boss. When she later spoke with her boss, he advised that he did not give any type of order or email to conduct those purchases. The email that was used to send the instructions is not in any way connected with her boss or the company.