• Six months after purchasing a vehicle, a man came back on April 20 complaining about the vehicle. The employee refused to pay for a new motor. The man threatened to come back in 24 hours and "it would be worse." Police left a message for the man saying he was now trespassed from the location.

• When a woman returned to her house on April 21, she found a vape pen in her cabinet while she was cooking dinner. The woman said neither she nor her kids smokes vape pens. There were no signs of forced entry. The landlord said the locks had been changed between her and the last resident.

• At Budget Car Mart, a white man with a black baseball hat walked through the lot April 21 and damaged five vehicles before stealing a Kia Sportage. The Kia had a GPS in it and police followed that to an abandoned house. The Kia was there and it was towed back to the lot.


• Overnight April 21, a barricade and a sign were stolen from South Main Street and West Caston Road.

• A woman told police April 21 that she has had home health care aids in and out of her home since April 17. She recently found some of her xanax and tramadol had gone missing. She was told to lock up her medication.

• At Sheetz on April 21, a man was reportedly chasing around his girlfriend and yelling at her in the parking lot. Police arrived and they were separated. The girlfriend told officers that he had said he would kill her if she went into the store. A witness verified this. The man was issued a summons for menacing and released at a bus stop. While helping the girlfriend search for her ID, police found small crystal rocks in her bag. She said the man must have put them there when he held her bag. Footage of the incident showed he never had her bag. She was told that if the rocks came back positive for drugs she would be issued a warrant. The girlfriend left the scene with a friend.

• Between April 14 and April 21, a catalytic converter was cut off a van at Gables of Green.


• A man assaulted another man April 21 and was arrested on those charges. It is unclear how they know each other. The man was taken to jail.


• There was an accident at Martha Avenue and Church Street on April 5 where a man at the scene denied driving and would not perform sobriety tests. Another officer had seen the man behind the wheel and he smelled of alcohol. He was arrested for OVI. During questioning, he at first stated he had nothing to drink. He also said he was not on any prescriptions. Later, he said he drank three beers and was taken to the hospital. He still said he was not driving his truck, but that it had been handling differently on the way home. The man also began threatening officers and, while at the hospital, a steak knife fell out of his pants and onto the hospital bed. He was additionally charged with disorderly conduct and carrying a concealed weapon. After being cleared at the hospital, he was issued summons and taken to detox.

• In December, someone submitted five counterfeit checks to O'Reilly's Auto Part Stores in a different state under CL Jenkins Landscaping’s name. The owner told police April 6 that the Collection Agency has the wrong company's name and the wrong owner's name.

• Police responded to a call of a shooting on April 6. A man was in the street wearing an empty gun holster. He told an officer, "Leave me alone. I just killed my best friend." The man then threw the gun holster in the grass. The man was detained for aggravated murder. At the scene, shell casings were recovered and DNA evidence. A deceased man was taken for autopsy.

• The chain link fence of a business property was reported damaged on April 8. A video surveillance tape between April 1 and April 5 shows two people walking on the fence of the property, damaging it. One person was identified as a local homeless woman. The second is still being identified.

• A woman got into a car accident April 8 and responding officers noticed she had slurred speech and bloodshot eyes. She stated she didn’t drink any alcohol or anything that would cause her to be impaired. The woman did say that she takes suboxone and last took it around 11 a.m. The accident happened close to 9:30 p.m. While speaking to the driver, an officer located two bottles of fake urine. One had hand warmers wrapped around it and was in the door of her vehicle. She was arrested for OVI and then stated she had two or three shots about three hours ago. She blew a .167 during a breath test. She was also asked to give a urine sample. The first two samples she gave were cold and clear. Eventually, police received a third sample that seemed closer to urine.

• A man told police April 11 that he believes his employee forged a check he had given to them. The man said the employee had lost the first check and he had issued the employee a second one. He then says the employee changed the payment from $160 to $460.

• Late at night April 11, an officer saw two teenagers fighting on Church Street. One teen was screaming and bleeding from his mouth. The officer asked the boy to calm down and explain what happened. The boy reporteldy became even more violent by punching a shed and yelling obscenities. The boy was ordered to put his hands behind his back on several occasions and he would not comply. The officer stated the boy took an aggressive stance so the officer drew his taser and told him again to put his hands behind his back. The boy did. After an investigation, it was determined that the boy had been assaulted and the handcuffs were removed. The boy refused medical treatment. The second teenager, a 17-year-old girl, was placed under arrest for assault, disorderly conduct and underage consumption. The mother of the first boy declined to press charges for assault. The second boy was processed and released to his mother. The first boy started yelling and screaming again and clenched his fists. He was charged with underage drinking, disorderly conduct and possession of marijuana. He was released to his mother. A third teenager who was on scene was arrested for disorderly conduct and underage drinking. He was released to his father.

• A woman was scammed April 14 via telephone by a male caller impersonating her grandson. She provided the caller with her debit card, expiration date, and three-digit code, resulting in an apparent $904.89 loss to her debit account.

• A woman’s adult son was charged with domestic violence April 16 after an incident at their home.


• On Sussex Drive March 27, someone stole a four wheeler and dirt bike from a man’s detached shed.

• A man reported March 28 that his ex-girlfriend entered his home on March 27 while he was not there and stole $300 worth of shoes, which she gifted to him. When the man’'s friend went to the residence, the friend asked the ex and her friend to leave. They did. The man then stated that his ex texted him and called him approximately 300 to 400 times total and within the texts she stated he "better watch his back." He has also received texts from unknown people advising him as well to "watch his back." The ex was contacted and told to stop contacting the man and he could no longer go on that property. On April 15, the ex sent multiple text messages to man. By April 17, she reported to the police department to be issued her summons for telecommunication harassment. She was arrested and released with a summons.

• A man died suddenly on March 29 when he was riding his ATV down his driveway when a tree fell at the same time and struck him.

• A woman found out her identity was stolen April 2 when she received a call from a debt collector stating she owed an unknown amount of money to a company based out of Texas named Hilcrest Davidson.

• A woman contacted Chase bank April 2 and stated that an unknown person from Louisiana deposited four checks into her account that bounced, and then withdrew $3,000. The unknown person used a fake ID with the woman's name and date of birth. This matter was turned over to the detectives and is under investigation.

• A property manager had video of three juvenile boys messing up a salt mound and a garage on April 3. The officer contacted each boy’s parent and let them know about the criminal mischief of the garage and fence. Every boy admitted to being on the property and they were advised they were placed on the trespass board.

• A woman called police April 6 because her ex-boyfriend was following her, driving erratically, with his two children in the back seat. He forced the woman off the road eventually and got out of his vehicle to hit her vehicle numerous times and cause damage. The woman then then drove off to lose her ex. The dispatcher stated they could hear the screaming of a man and banging on what sounded like a window. An officer stopped the ex and he stated he had a firearm in the center console of the vehicle. The firearm was seized and logged into this department evidence. The ex was placed under arrest for endangering children, carrying a concealed weapon, aggravated menacing, and criminal damaging. His vehicle was towed and he was released with a summons for the listed offences.

• Someone transferred money from a woman’s bank account using Venmo on April 6. This matter is currently under investigation

• A man was living with his girlfriend’s daughter and the daughter’s boyfriend. On April 7, the man got intoxicated and wanted the two to leave. They refused and the man threatened them with a knife. He admitted to having the knife to police and he was arrested.

• Three people got into an argument over a stray cat on April 9. Two people wanted to rescue the cat and a man wanted to prevent them from doing that. The two people said the man yelled at them and used profane language and took the cat. They wrote a statement. The man said he did not curse, but he would not write a statement. He was issued a summons.

• Overnight April 9, someone entered a man’s garage on Vanderhoof Road and stole his property. This matter is under investigation.

• A woman found her ex’s identification cards on April 10 and wanted to know what to do with them. She stated he was homeless and she had a protection order so she could not return it herself. It turned out the protection order was no longer valid but the woman dropped the IDs off at the police station. The police contacted the man who said he would come get them.

• On April 1, someone made an email and pretended to be a local resident and emailed a city council member member. Then the person also made a fake Facebook account. On April 8, the person also attempted to steal his Amazon account. On April 10, his Walmart account had been hacked and that his password had been changed. This matter is currently under investigation. He believes someone is specifically targeting him.

• During a traffic stop April 11 for a lane violation, the driver had slurred speech and blood shot eyes. She smelled of alcohol and could not complete the standard field sobriety tests. She was arrested and released with a citation for OVI, marked lanes violation, and a summons for an open container.

• A woman contacted police April 12 about her missing adult son. He had left their residence in the evening for a scheduled shift at work, but never made it there. The son has mental issues and a BOLO was sent out for him. The next day, a police department in Virginia called to say they located the son and he had been taken to the hospital for evaluation.

• Police were called to a home April 14 where a juvenile girl was yelling at her parents. Police separated them and the parents said the girl will not listen, yells and curses when she doesn’t get her way, and sneaks out to smoke marijuana. This is not the first incident with the juvenile and the police. The parents wanted her arrested for being unruly. She was and then she was released to them.

• A juvenile foster child ran away from home April 18 after packing a bag. She checked in with her foster parents via text but would not tell them where she was. She was located using her last known location and police made contact.

• A car had gone into a ditch April 20 and when an officer arrived on scene, a tow was being set up. The driver could not find her phone and the officer was helping her look. He instead found a glass pipe and loose bullets. The driver and passenger said they did not have guns or drugs in the car when questioned. The officer asked to do a search, but they denied it. Because the officer had probable cause, he was able to search anyway. The woman’s bag was also searched and they found more bullets, a handgun and baggies of cocaine and meth. The driver was cited with failure to control her vehicle. The driver and passenger were both arrested for the items in her bag. The passenger had a felony warrant out of Summit County, but Summit County declined to take him. They were released with summons.

• A woman purchased a 2003 Mastercraft X2 April 20 using an online broker called Erbil Motors Depot. She stated $15,215.00 was wire transferred for the purchase price and delivery. She stated the boat was never shipped and she has not been able to reach anyone with Erbil Motors or the seller. She believes the seller has scammed them. This matter is under investigation.

• Someone used a man’s social security number on April 20 to file for unemployment.

• A man inside LoBoy-Oil was harassing customers and loitering all day on April 22. An employee asked him to leave and he became vulgar toward her and another man. Then he walked around to the back of the building. Officers located the man in a nearby wooded area. The man would not come out when officers asked so they got him. Officers described him as intoxicated, belligerent and aggressive. The man said he was at Lo-Boy-Oil and he wanted to be left alone. The man was placed under arrest for disorderly conduct. He was issued a summons and later released.

• On April 24, a woman received a personalized apology package in the mail from her husband that she is currently separated from and has an active protection order against. The package, bracelet and shipping information were logged as evidence. The husband was arrested and he stated he did purchase the listed items, but that they were mailed to the woman on accident. He was taken to jail.

• A man was reported as suspicious on April 24. It turns out his vehicle had broken down and was trying to fix it. The man gave an officer permission to search his vehicle and the office found marijuana and rolling papers. The man was placed under arrest for possession of drugs and drug paraphernalia. He was issued a summons, his car was towed, and he was released.

• A woman called police April 24 and said her boyfriend struck her in the nose after she caught him stealing her prescription pills. The woman was hiding in the garage when police arrived. She had bruises all over her body from her boyfriend and appeared very fearful. The boyfriend said he did not touch her and that the bruises were from them play-fighting in the last couple days. He was placed under arrest for domestic violence and taken to jail.