JACKSON TWP. The Lake Cable Recreation Association has launched a public safety campaign asking people walking and riding bike at night to “Be Bright at Night”.

The association is asking people to follow a few simple rules to help people driving in the area to be able to see a person walking or riding a bike along one of the many roads in the area.

“We don’t have sidewalks or street lights so it is difficult to see anyone walking or riding a bike along the road if they don’t have reflective clothing or lights on their bike,” said association board member Dan Schonhoft.

He and other board members including the president Cindy Waikem and trustee Ken Roush believe that a few simple actions could very likely safe a life.

“I was driving along one of the boulevards one evening and I didn’t even see a bike rider until after I passed him,” Schonhoft said. “It’s frightening to someone driving the car and really shook me up. That’s when I took it to the board that we need to address the issue.”

The campaign was officially launched in the fall of 2019, but the group is ramping up the awareness this spring especially with the number of walkers and bike riders increasing over the past few months.

“We are trying to be proactive and take preventative measures before someone does get hurt or worse,” Waikem said.

The Association had signs printed up and have posted them along roadways throughout the area. It has also included a list of rules in the newsletter sent to all residents. Waikem said there are 475 members of the Association with a total of 720 households in the area.

One of the issues coming up this spring has been people coming in from outside the area to walk along the main boulevards.

“We have many people coming in who live outside of Lake Cable to walk around the lake and are non-residents, so they wouldn’t be getting the newsletter. The signs should help with people who don’t live in the area,” Waikem said.

“The East and West Boulevards go around the lake and many people walk and bike those roads and around the club house,” Roush added. “The reflective vests can be found online for around $14.99 so for a low cost, someone could be saving their own live or someone else’s.”

The group plans to rotate the signs around the area so people don’t get used to seeing one message. They plan to keep the signs up year-round in all of the common areas of Lake Cable including:

• Bass Commons

• Perch

• Pickerel

• Punches

• Bluegill

• Cable Cove

• Crappie

• Walleye

• Clubhouse East

• Clubhouse West

Suggestions from the Lake Cable Recreation Association for staying safe when walking and bike riding in Lake Cable include the following:

• Try to refrain from walking or riding after dark.

• If walking or riding after dark, always wear bright clothing and consider carrying a visible light.

• All bikes should have flashing lights visible from front and back.

• Walkers should always walk against the traffic.

• Drivers should be award of walkers and bikers in the area and respect their right of way.

• Parents are asked to insure all their family members follow the suggestions for Being Bright at Night.