There was a report March 29 of a suspicious vehicle and a nude male running in the street. Officers located the three people involved, all young adults in their 20s. They were arrested for obstructing official business and summons and released.

Police received a report of an assault on April 2. Upon completion of an investigation, a man was charged with disorderly conduct.

A man appeared to have overdosed at a residence on April 4. Medical personnel tried to save him. He was pronounced dead at the scene.


A woman said her mailbox was left open on Arrow Avenue on April 4 and her mail was gone. Video was missing and saw a Uhaul with a man in it taking the mail. The same thing happened to a man on Lockwood Avenue.

A woman told police on April 4 that after moving back in with her ex-husband, she was laying in bed around midnight when a woman she knew tried to crawl into bed with her. When police arrived, the other woman was sitting at a neighbor’s house with the ex-husband and some friends. The ex-husband had no idea the other woman had been inside his house. He said the other woman did have a key to his home and that he had given it to her when he and his wife had split. He said the other woman probably got confused and forgot that his ex-wife had moved back in. He asked officers to tell the other woman that she was no longer welcome inside his home. The woman was advised that if she went back into the home she would be arrested for trespassing.

A man reported April 5 that someone took his shotgun, watches, rings, boots, a plaque and more from his residence on Pamer Avenue.

A woman stated April 7 that a neighbor was threatening her cats on Facebook. The neighbor admitted to police that he had been posting about wanting to dispose of the cats. The woman has between 10-15 feral cats and continues to accumulate them. The neighbor showed police the damage to his property and the police noted that they could smell the cat urine. The neighbor was told that he needed to contact Animal Control because, if he tried to kill them, he would be charged with animal cruelty. He told police that Animal Control could not be contacted because of coronavirus. Police will attempt to contact Animal Control. The woman was told of the result and that cats cannot be “menaced” on Facebook because they cannot perceive the threat. The woman was unsatisfied with this and said she would go onto a third neighbor’s property, where some of the cats reside because the residence is currently unoccupied, to save the cats if she had to. The woman was told she would be charged with criminal trespassing if she went on the property and, if she went in the home, it would be breaking and entering.

Overnight April 8, a T-Mobile store was broken into via the front window. The back door was also open. No merchandise appears to be taken at this time.


A couple reported on April 4 after attempting to file their federal taxes and their accountant said they may be victims of identity fraud.

A man took a vehicle from Toth Buick on a test drive April 6 and did not return it. The vehicle has been listed as stolen.

A man parked his vehicle at 6:30 a.m. on April 6 in the Briarwood Apartments parking lot and went into a unit. When he returned to get his vehicle later that day, it was gone. The car has been listed as stolen.