LAKEMORE Easter Egg Hunts were canceled in cities across the country this year, disappointing many families.

Since the annual egg hunt was canceled in the Village of Lakemore, an idea was born. Fire Chief Brett Reinbolt sent a text to Mayor Rich Cole late on Good Friday evening stating that he wished they could bring the Easter Bunny in to ride around on the fire truck for the children of the village to get a wave from him.

“(It) Would have been a positive for the community and the kids,” he wrote.

Quickly, Police Chief Ken Ray, Reinbolt and Fiscal Officer Tracy Fast decided to work together on a very special project – “Operation Cotton Tail.”

They worked to find a way to contact the Easter Bunny and asked if he would come to the village to lift the spirits of the children who always look forward to the egg hunt.

They made calls, sent emails, texts and even took to Twitter to try to reach the bunny. They figured it was probably going to be impossible, but they never gave up.

After the village trio tried every means possible to reach the long-eared, cotton-tailed icon of the Easter season, they were surprised when he text them back. The bunny said he hated to disappoint the children and he would certainly come to visit even though he had hoped his way throughout the world the night before.

He said he would bring his twin to help. One bunny loaded into the police car and the other into the fire truck. It was impossible to tell which was which. They were driven around the village to different neighborhoods.

Children and parents came out of their homes excitedly awaiting a giant wave from the furry bunny.

The Easter Bunny twitched his nose and said he hopes to be back next year for the annual egg hunt as he – and his twin – waved good by to the officers and firemen and thanked them for their outstanding service to the community.