GREEN Damage caused by a confirmed F-1 tornado that ripped through portions of Southgate Park and Greensburg Cemetery late April 7 could cost the city $100,000 to clean up.

Service Director Valerie Wax-Carr was expected to ask Green City Council to approve two $50,000 expenditures, based upon quotes received from three construction companies, at the April 14 city council meeting.

"We are going to need some additional help, and we also don’t have some of the heavy equipment that will be needed," said Green Communications Coordinator, Valerie Wolford.

The city closed Southgate Park, at 5300 Massillon Road, April 13 until further notice, due to the April 7 storm damage debris and expected high winds again on April 13.

"Yesterday’s high winds weren’t as high as we had expected, but we didn’t want (park visitors) if the stuff that was high up in the trees came down," Wolford said.

Southgate, located adjacent to Boettler Park, will remain closed until further notice.

"It is significant," Wolford said of the damage, primarily due to downed trees. "Southgate is more of a nature park with walking trails. All but one trail in the park is impacted."

The park will remain closed during the cleanup process, which Wolford said could take up to two weeks.

"We also don’t want anybody back there when there is heavy equipment around," she said.

Cemetery damage

The storm also caused significant damage at Greensburg Cemetery, at 4890 Thursby Road. Wolford said a number of pine trees were uprooted and the service department expects to see damage to some headstones.

She added that around 40 homes in Green were damaged in the storm, again due in large part to fallen trees.

"A lot of houses were damaged. It’s unbelievable that no one got injured," Wolford said.

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