A 14-year-old boy was reported on March 5 to have been stealing his sibling’s ADHD medication. He was arrested for theft.

A father saw someone pick up his son's bike March 18 and walk into the woods with it. The father followed the unknown white man over to Beach Drive, where he disappeared into the woods. The unknown man appeared to be in his 20s with black hair. The father did find the bike dropped in the woods.

A woman going by the name Liva Marie bought a guitar off the internet merchant site Let-Go on March 18. The person that sold it was given a fake twenty-dollar bill as part of the payment. Identification of the woman is pending.

At Upper Waterworks Park on March 20, someone broke out the west small window on the shelter building and also kicked the man door in. No one was inside and nothing was taken.

A homeless man stole chips, salsa, and orange juice from Save-A-Lot on March 21. The officer called to the theft had interacted with the man earlier in the day. The homeless man said he would get money and pay for it later, but that he was hungry. The man was issued a summons for theft and trespassed from the store.

A woman reported March 21 that her brother took her vehicle without her permission. He originally had permission to be a passenger and rode to Lakemore Wine and Liquor. The woman reported that when the designated driver went into the store, her brother drove away with her vehicle. The designated driver was left at the store. OnStar was contacted and pinged the vehicle in Akron. Akron Police and Lakemore Police arrived at the location and found the vehicle. The brother was inside in an upstairs bedroom, hiding in a closet. The woman recovered her vehicle and declined to prosecute, but the brother had a warrant out of the Akron Police Department. He was turned over to Akron.

The owner of Creative Apothecare stated that a white man came into the store March 23 and made threats toward her son, who was working behind the counter. The man also later called the store and told the owner that she should be ashamed of herself and stated that her business should be burnt down. The owner will provide a video of the man.

On March 26, a woman called in that her boyfriend had punched and beat her in her home before she was able to flee and get to her parents house. The woman was cleared by EMS for her injuries and gave a written statement to police. The boyfriend could not be located but a warrant for his arrest for domestic violence was issued. The next morning, the officers arrested the boyfriend at the woman’s home. The boyfriend complained of a broken arm. He was taken to the hospital.


Someone complained of loud music coming from a garage after 10 p.m. on March 25. Police advised the woman playing the music to turn it down.

At REM Ohio on March 26, a man went to move his van and realized the catalytic converter had been removed. He had not moved the van since March 20.

A man checked his banking information March 27 and found that several unauthorized transactions had been made, totalling $1,030. He contacted his credit union.

A woman noticed on March 27 that someone put up a deer hunting stand in her backyard. She asked the neighbors that back up to her and they said they did not give anyone permission to hunt. Police have left information on the deer stand to give them a call.

Between March 27 and March 30, someone cut the catalytic converter from a man’s car at his apartment complex.

At Acme on March 30, a woman was loading groceries into her car when a white man asked if he could use her cart. She said yes. A few minutes later she realized her wallet was missing and she had left it in the cart. She could not find the man inside the store. Officers could not find him either. Acme will provide video.

Someone took a woman’s recycling bin from her Proehl Avenue home on March 30.

A woman went tothe Coventry Middle School property to walk her dog on March 31. When officers arrived, they asked her if she knew the school was closed and should not be on the property due to the mandatory orders and that she should be staying at home. She said she was aware. She had called police because she saw blue gloves lying next to the playground fence. She believes they may have been blown there after school staff had passed out food. She wanted this to be reported.

At Long Lake on April 2, a couple was kayaking when a man was driving a speeding boat past them in the no wake zone. While the couple was getting out of the water at the boat ramp, the man started to threaten to fight them.


At Steve’s Motel on March 20, a man had been drinking and visiting with people staying in another cabin. He went to use the bathroom and set down his prepaid phone and $100 bill. After a while, he realized it was gone. The people from the cabin said they did not have it and had not seen it.

A woman reported seeing a white man driving an orange tractor in the afternoon March 25 down through Stoney Creek Drive and cut across several people’s properties.

A couple was fighting outside of a BP station on March 25. Police arrived and split them up. They were both issued summons for disorderly conduct. During the initial arrest, it was found that the man had warrants and marijuana was found on him. He was issued a summons for the marijuana. The jail did not want to take the couple at this time.

An anonymous caller said she saw a teenage boy climb into the trunk of a car March 25 and another teenager boy close it on him. Then they drove off. Police responded and stopped the vehicle. No one was in the trunk, but the three teenage boys admitted that they had been riding around in the trunk before they were stopped. Their parents were contacted and the kids were told to return home.

A man went to the home of his soon-to-be ex-wife March 26 and they got into an argument about divorce proceedings. He left before police arrived. He said he had been going over there for months knowing that a temporary order of protection had been placed against him. He said this latest time he had gone to drop off food and sanitation supplies for the ex and his kids. He was issued a summons for the violation.

A man had a small fire pit in his driveway and had some people over on March 27. Police arrived and he was advised of the order of gatherings because of COVID-19. He said it was his daughter’s birthday and kids from the neighborhood were coming over. He was told to wrap-it-up and have people go home.

Someone reported seeing a man carrying a shotgun/rifle while walking in the woods next to the railroad tracks on March 27. Then, he shot into a mound of dirt. The man is described as white and in blue jeans.

Someone reported a Jeep driving erratically March 27 and they followed the Jeep to a home on Medley Road. The driver pulled the Jeep into the garage and went inside. When police arrived, the driver would not come to the door.

An estranged husband and wife were arguing on March 27. She requested he leave and he would not. She called police. Both people confirmed that it never got physical. The husband was told he did have to leave. He did, but he continued to text her and threatened to kill her and beat her. The husband was told to stop contacting her. He continued.

A woman was driving with her brother on March 26 when he became angry and pulled the steering wheel from her so they struck a telephone pole. The next day the brother became angry with his mother and got in her face and she was frightened he would hurt her. The woman and her mother both reported that the man has been using meth and has been getting more violent. The man has prior domestic violence convictions and he has been charged with two counts of domestic violence against his mother and sister, so these charges are felonies. Warrants were issued for his arrest.

At Hattie Larlham on March 30, someone cut off the catalytic converter from a transport van.

A woman let her dog out March 30 and it went straight to a neighbor’s yard and attacked the neighbor’s dog. The neighbor tried to get his dog away and was bitten in the process. The neighbor went to the hospital and the injured dog went to the vet. The woman was issued a summons for failure to control her dog.

A woman reported March 31 that her ex was outside her apartment and trying to get in. She did not open the door. When he left, she called a neighbor who also happened to be an ex of the man and the neighbor said he had tried getting in there, too. Police did not find the man at either location.

A woman reported March 31 that someone stole her pills from her apartment that she kept in a lockbox in her closet. The person used a key and left the pill bottles, personal papers and cash that had been in the box as well. The woman reported that maintenance men had been in her home during the time the pills went missing. The apartment manager said the maintenance workers did go into the apartment, but they said they did not take anything.

Someone stole a woman’s Dodge Durango April 1 from her driveway on Berna Road. The woman had left the vehicle unlocked but still had the keys. The Dodge has an eight-inch lift kit and a Dodge logo on the back windshield.

A man was in a verbal argument with his adult son on April 1 over the slow internet. The man wanted his son to disconnect from the internet because he had to submit some work that day. The adult son said he had college assignments that he also needed to submit that day. The man said he went to disconnect the router which was near his son when his son pushed him. His son reported that his father had stood over top of him and yelled at him about being king of the house until the son stood up. At this time, they got into a physical altercation of pushing. The son had signs of redness and scratches on his neck. The man was arrested for domestic violence and taken to jail.

A man was advised April 2 that his adult son had been involved in a domestic situation in Akron. The man locked the door so his son could not get in when he arrived home. The son banged on the door, threw a milkshake, and said he was going to beat up the father. The son was arrested for domestic violence by menacing and taken to jail.

Overnight April 3, three young people in a white sedan pulled up to a man’s home and looked in his backyard. The motion lights were activated and the three people ran back to the car and drove away.