• Someone sent pictures of body parts to a man on March 20 and then called the man and threatened to kill him if he didn’t get paid. The man gave the number to police, who called it. The unknown person picked up and repeated the threat. The officer advised the unknown person that he was speaking to the police and to cease contact with the man.

• At Akron-Canton Airport on March 21, someone reported that a black man had reached into a vehicle and removed a wallet. The man was found in the vehicle by police. It was his vehicle and his wallet.

• A man was arrested for aggravated menacing March 22 after messaging a woman on Facebook that he would “get his strap,” intending to use his gun to shoot her. He also threatened to smack her and take her TV. He was located and taken to jail.


• An adult son threatened to beat up his stepfather then pushed him on March 21. When police arrived, the son would not speak. He was placed under arrest for domestic violence and he started to try to walk away. He kept pulling away until officers took him to the ground. He was also charged with resisting arrest and taken to jail.

• A woman reported March 21 that her boyfriend started choking her in the kitchen. He then began to throw things in the presence of their five-year-old daughter. The boyfriend was arrested for domestic violence.

• A man saw his neighbor fire a shotgun at the back of his residence to try to kill an animal on March 21. Police came out and talked to the neighbor who said he tried to kill a groundhog, but was not successful. The neighbor was advised about township ordinances and firing a weapon. The neighbor and the man have been having an ongoing dispute.

• A couple on a bus got into an argument March 24 that ended in an IHOP parking lot. The woman admitted to striking the man in the head and chest with her bag. The woman then ran away from him and he followed where she hit him again. The man said he was fine. The couple is planning on moving in together. The woman has a prior domestic violence charge. She was arrested for felony domestic violence.

• Someone broke into a man’s vehicle on Swartz Road during the night March 24 and damaged the steering column during an attempt to steal the vehicle. The man noticed when he went to start his vehicle the next morning.

• Someone called in a noise complaint March 25 on a woman who had loud music. The woman said she was exercising because of the isolation orders. Police told her to turn down the music and do sit-ups or push-ups instead of jumping jacks.


• A man let a friend borrow his truck for two hours on March 19. The friend has been avoiding bringing the vehicle back. Police tried to contact the friend on the phone with the number the man provided on March 21. A third party picked up and said the friend sold him the phone with this number last week. On March 22, a BOLO was listed for the vehicle. On March 23, the man called police stating he found his vehicle in a church parking lot off of Canton Road and does not want to pursue legal action.

• A man reported March 22 that his daughter ran away between midnight and 1 a.m. She was listed as missing and a short time later Akron Police located the girl. She was returned to her father.

• Two men were sitting in a parked vehicle on March 23 when an officer came up to them. After questioning, the passenger admitted he had marijuana. He retrieved it from the center console. The officer searched the rest of the vehicle and found white powder substance. Both men denied knowing about the powder. It has been sent for testing. The passenger was released on summons for possession of marijuana.

• A UPS worker was bitten March 25 by a black German shepherd that entered his truck when he was trying to deliver a package. The dog bit him on the leg and he left to get medical attention. The owner was aware of the incident and provided officers with information on the dog to report to the Summit County Public Health Department.


• A woman and her husband argued March 16 about a man that the woman allowed to be in their home. The husband was intoxicated and unhappy that man was there. The man has two warrants, one out of Summit County, which refused to take him due to restrictions, and the other out of Franklin County. Stark County Jail was advised and the man was taken to jail. The couple was told to sleep separately tonight.

• A woman was attempting to sell alcohol to random people on March 17. Police know her from other incidents and saw her with a half empty case of Busch Lite. She stated she did try to sell the alcohol to "anyone who would buy it". She was detained and police found a clear container with glitter inside in her pocket. She stated she got it from North Carolina. The officer identified it as something sold by Dollar General. The woman said she was just in the Dollar General on Cleveland Avenue and she was asked to leave by the manager. The woman was intoxicated and the officer disposed of the rest of the alcohol before arresting the woman for being an intoxicated person in the roadway. Then, the officer took the woman to Dollar General where an employee said the woman had tried to steal a hat. The officer had the employee scan the glitter jar and some colored chalk that had been found on the woman to see if they were items from the store, which they were and the items were returned. The woman was also issued a summons for theft.

• A 19-year-old man was found dead March 21 due to a possible overdose. White powder was found at the scene.

• Police were called to a domestic dispute on March 23. A woman’s brother was arrested for domestic violence, criminal damaging, and aggravated menacing. Five victims were listed including two 16-year-old juveniles. The brother was booked into Stark County Jail.

• A neighbor was shooting a high power pellet gun at a muskrat March 28 and it damaged a woman’s home, breaking the front picture window. When police spoke with the neighbor, he was unaware the pellets were ricocheting off the pond and striking the woman’s house. He was told no more shooting because of the risk of damage and injury due to not having a back stop. He was also advised he is responsible for the damage to his woman's window.

• Shortly after midnight March 29, a 36-year-old man injured a 60-year-old family member during a domestic incident. The 36-year-old was arrested for domestic violence.


• Someone stole a woman’s motorcycle on Hillstock Avenue during the evening of March 22. The motorcycle has been entered into LEADS.

• Overnight March 23, someone broke into a woman’s home on Munroe Falls Road two guns, four BB guns and a collection of 50 pocket knives. The vehicle had also gotten stuck in the mud and left tracks. An investigation is pending.

• Two young adults took acid March 23 and someone called the police. The young adults were in the backyard and a woman had hurt her hand. They were administered ketamine to calm their excited delirium and taken to the hospital.

• A 30-year-old woman with autism went on a walk around noon March 25. More than two hours later, she had not returned and she has been listed as a missing person. She was wearing a dark blue hoodie and dark blue jeans.

• A man got in his truck on Ellen Drive March 26 and noticed the center console was open and someone had taken $10. He checked the video and saw a white man with brown hair taking the money. The man had a hoodie on with writing on the sleeve. An investigation is pending the identity of the man. Also on Ellen Drive around the same time, someone attempted to enter a different man’s shed. Nothing appears to be stolen.

• A man noticed someone entered his vehicle on Bey Road March 26. Nothing appears to be taken.

• A man on disability told police March 28 that he had friends “who were like family” staying with him. He gave them his Mastercard and they knew his PIN so they could purchase items for him. The two friends left on March 24 and he asked for his card back. They said they had already given it back. On March 25, he got alerts on his phone saying the card was being used in Akron for about $2,250 worth of charges and withdrawals. They are the only ones besides him to know the PIN.

• A landlord let his dog wander on to his tenant’s lawn March 28 and an argument started. The landlord and tenant live in the same duplex. The landlord then asked his tenant for rent. The tenant became verbally abusive and threatened the landlord over text messages. The tenant was arrested and issued a summons for menacing.

• At Walmart on March 28, two men shoplifted about $71 in clothing and fled in a vehicle. An officer caught up to them and they were identified by loss prevention. The clothing was returned. One of the men had a large plastic bag in his pocket. In the bag was a crystal substance, which was sent for testing. The men were issued summons for theft and released. The driver of the vehicle was cited for driving under suspension. The vehicle was towed.