JACKSON TWP. The Jackson Township Board of Trustees created a new Joint Economic Development District (JEDD) in early March with the Meijer Store development on the previous Tam O’Shanter property on the corner of Fulton and Everhard Roads.

The JEDD is between the city of Canton and the township where each will receive 1.25 percent of the 2.5 percent income tax for anyone who works in that commercial development, now and into the future. Township Fiscal Officer and Economic Development Director Randy Gonzalez said the JEDDs are important because of the Tax Incremental Financing (TIF) offered to companies to spur economic development in an area. TIFs are used as a subsidy for redevelopment, infrastructure and other community improvement projects.

“We are giving up some property taxes on the land in order to get the intersection improvements, including right turn lanes on Everhard and Fulton,” Gonzalez said. “TIFs pay for improvements and JEDDs help to pay for the TIF.”

Bob Acciarri, who sits on the board of the JEDD for this development and is part of the Meijer Store development, said some of the intersection improvements will begin soon.

“One of the improvements include a right turn lane on Everhard that turns onto Fulton and additional lanes will be added on Fulton and Everhard to help ease the current traffic and future traffic in that area,” Acciarri said.

The Meijer Store, a convenience gas station and a parking area will take up about 15 of the 62 acres on the property. Acciarri said they are looking for other retailers and commercial businesses that compliment Meijers to build onto the property.

“The Meijer Store will be a freestanding building and we will be adding multiple commercial buildings on the property,” Acciarri said.

Gonzalez said trustees are committed to getting the intersection improvements completed in that area to help improve the flow of traffic. He projects the road improvements will be a $3 million to $5 million project.

Improvements include a drop right lane from Everhard onto Fulton with a right turn lane on Fulton from Everhard to Frank Road. There will also be a drop right lane from Fulton onto Everhard and a new drop right lane going into the Meijer development. ODOT is contributing to the costs of putting the full right turn lane from Fulton onto Frank Road.

“The Meijer store is looking at opening in late 2021 or early 2022. We can’t really do any improvements in the Jackson Park section of the Tam O’Shanter property until they build the new road into the development off of Fulton, close to the where the old barn was. The completion of that road is probably still a year out,” Gonzalez said.

He added that trustees have a grant request into the state of Ohio to help them with the design costs of the new park.

“I think this is the most exciting project going on in the county. It’s going to be Stark Parks, Jackson Park and the Meijers store all working together to develop that area,” Gonzalez said.