• A man told police on March 14 that he and his wife came home from the store and two dogs aggressively backed them into their house on Harter Home Drive. The man said they were his neighbor’s dogs and the they were growling and he felt he was in danger. The neighbor stated the dogs got loose for only a minute and chased an animal. The neighbor did state that the dogs went to the man’s house. The neighbor has been cited once already for failing to restrain his dogs. The neighbor was placed under arrest and released with a summons.

• A woman believes her brother-in-law keyed her car while it was parked in the driveway on March 18.

• After an accident on March 18, a witness told police he saw the driver throw something in the ditch. An officer found what the driver threw and asked him about it. The driver admitted to throwing drug paraphernalia in the ditch and that he had been smoking marijuana in the state park a half hour before the accident. The passenger confirmed this. New Franklin EMS responded and transported the driver, who was a juvenile, to Akron Children's Hospital. The driver was also placed under arrest for OVI and drug paraphernalia. He was then released to his mother.

• Police received a report of an impaired driver on March 20. An officer found the vehicle, saw it make several traffic violations, and stopped it. The officer could smell alcohol coming from the driver. He had slurred speech as well as watery eyes. The driver failed field sobriety tests and admitted to having marijuana on him. The driver also had a small plastic bag of suboxone. Inside the vehicle was an open container of Jim Beam liquor. The driver was placed under arrest for OVI, possession of drugs, an open container. The driver refused a chemical breath test and was released with a summons.


• A man told police on March 14 that he has been receiving text messages from someone threatening to kill him if he doesn’t send money in the form of gift cards. The man admits to having several text relationships with women in the past and sending some money. He believes it is one of them.

• Police were called March 14 after a woman unplugged her husband’s Playstation because he kept unplugging her radio. The husband then picked her up off her feet and threw her to the ground. The husband was placed under arrest and taken to jail.

• The owner of a business on Delaware Avenue received an alert and video clip on his phone of someone entering the business while it was closed on March 16. The unknown white man looks to be between 40 and 50. He broke in the door and stole the camera.

• An employee of Waffle House took $90 out of the register at 4 a.m. March 16 and then left. No one has been able to contact him.

• At Dollar General March 17, an employee approached a man who was shoplifting. The man threatened to kill the employee and acted like he had a gun in his waistband. The man then loaded the groceries into a vehicle with a woman’s help. The employee got the license plate and the man was identified. The man was on parole and being GPS monitored and the location has tagged him at the store during the time of the incident. He was charged with robbery. He was picked up by following the GPS and taken to jail. He had stolen 15 tubs of Tide.

• During a traffic stop March 17, a man was found to be in the company of a woman who had a protection order against him. He was arrested for the violation and released with a summons.

• At Mattress Firm on March 17, police were on scene with a couple. The woman wanted to cancel the protection order she had from the courts against the man. She was advised she would have to go to court. The man was arrested for violation of a protection order at the felony level but Summit Jail would not take him.

• At Walmart on March 18, a woman forgot to take her change at the self-checkout. The next person in line then took the money and went back to shopping. By the time asset protection was alerted, the person had left the store and the license plate could not be identified.

• An employee was sexually harassed at Econo Lodge on March 20. A man touched her butt and then kissed her on the neck. Other employees saw and police were contacted. The man was arrested for sexual imposition, issued a summons, and released.

• At Red Roof Inn on March 21, there was loud yelling coming from a room. The four people in the room were all intoxicated and management wanted them to leave because they had been disturbing other guests. One of the people, a man, had not been part of the disturbance but his wife had. The wife woke him up to tell him they had to leave. The man refused even after police requested he do so. He was arrested and then he started to curse and become loud. He was charged with criminal trespass and disorderly conduct. He was released with a summons but would still not leave. Finally, when he was offered a ride home by police, he agreed to leave.

• An 89-year-old man received a call from a man claiming to be his grandson on March 19. The elderly man said the man sounded like his grandson and the “grandson” asked for $5,000 for bail money. The grandson told the elderly man to buy 10 gift cards from Lowes for $500 each and then he would call back. The “grandson” called back the next day and had the elderly man read off the card numbers. Later, the elderly man heard from his real grandson who was not in jail. On March 21, the fake grandson called again asking for another $5,000 for court fees. The elderly man hung up on him.


• At Springfield Junior and Senior High on Feb. 25, a 14-year-old student repeatedly refused to follow instructions from a teacher and an officer to leave a classroom. The student was told he would be arrested and he said he did not care. He was charged with unruly and he may be referred to Juvenile Court because he already has another open case that is pending. The mother was advised via phone of the new charges. She requested her son be permitted to stay at school and ride the bus home.

• At Bedrooms Today on March 7, a delivery driver and passenger received $2,475 after delivering to an address in Canal Fulton. The employees were supposed to call the manager when they received the money. Instead, they put the money in an envelope and left it on the desk at the office. The office does not have a surveillance system. The money went missing.

• During a stop for expired plates on March 8, one of the passengers refused to give her name. Another passenger — a man — was detained for his warrant and he said he knew the girl only by the name "Worm.“ Eventually, the driver and male passenger confirmed the female passenger’s real name. She had a warrant. She denied it was her even though pictures in the police system verified it was her. The woman was arrested for her warrants and obstructing official business and misleading a public official. The male passenger was handed to Akron Police on the scene for his warrant. The driver was issued a citation for the license plates. The woman eventually gave up the act and admitted to who she was. She was handed over to Ravenna Police for her warrant.

• A man threatened to assault his mother during an argument on March 9. The mother was able to get the man outside of the house and lock the door. The man attempted to break it down before leaving prior to police arriving. The mother is afraid her son will physically harm her due to his past violent incidents and his violent tendencies. The man also has prior convictions for domestic violence and violating protection orders. A warrant was issued for his arrest. On March 10, he was picked up by police and taken to jail.

• Around 4 a.m. March 10, a man reported a woman knocking on his door. Police arrived and detained the woman. The man came to his door and said he does not know the woman. The woman told police that voices in her head told her to come here and wait for an eagle and a penguin. The woman also said she is in need of medication for the voices. Lakemore Fire was called to transport for her to Summa for a medical evaluation.