JACKSON TWP. Akron Canton Composite Squadron, Civil Air Patrol's Cadet Harrison Traylor was awarded the Amelia Earhart Award and promoted to the rank of cadet captain at a special ceremony held on March 8.

Traylor is a Junior at Jackson High School with a GPA of 3.75. He is the Committee Chair of Cadet Advisory Council. He earned his Pre-Solo Wings from Glider Academy and will be earning his Solo Wings this Summer. As a member of the Akron Canton Composite Squadron, he has served as Cadet Deputy Commander, part of the Cyber-Patriot team and Ground Team 3.

Traylor is also a Star Rank in the Boy Scouts and about to earn Life Rank. He has been elected twice as Senior Patrol Leader and is a member of the Order of the Arrow. Traylor is also OSHA trained and certified.

His future goals include obtaining his Private Pilot’s License and his bachelor’s degree to become an officer and pilot for the U.S. Air Force.

“I took an experimental flight when I was 12 years old and that got me interested in flying and my interest just kept growing,” Traylor said. “I plan to go to enroll in the United States Air Force after I graduate high school. I want to fly fighter jets but if I don’t qualify, flying bombers would be just fine with me. After leaving the Air Force, I want to fly commercial or executive planes.”

The Amelia Earhart Award is the third of five milestone awards that CAP cadets can earn. Named for the groundbreaking aviation pioneer, cadets who earn the award must live up to Earhart’s standards of excellence and earn the grade of Cadet Captain. Achievement of this milestone award requires they have earned their Billy Mitchell Award, successful completion of leadership and aerospace exams, a rigorous physical fitness test and demonstration of leadership abilities including principles of an officer and the responsibilities of command.

Once a cadet earns the Amelia Earhart Award, he or she is promoted to the grade of cadet captain and is challenged to lead and serve junior-ranking cadets not just in the hometown squadron but around their wing (state) as well. Perhaps the award’s most coveted benefit is that Earhart cadets become eligible to represent the United States in the International Air Cadet Exchange.

There were three other awards given out at the ceremony including:

• SSgt. Claire L. Gerber, CAP: Achievement Award for Outstanding Duty Performance

• Capt. Harrison Traylor: Civil Air Patrol Officer Citation and Medal Award

• Nathaniel W. Desantis: Civil Air Patrol Non-Commissioned Officer Citation and Medal Award

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