HARTVILLE Following a planning commission recommendation, Village Council approved a plan for a seven-unit storage building on a parcel at the corner of Sunnyside and Market streets owned by Gitchaway Properties.

Councilman and planning committee Chairman Jim Sullivan said issues discussed at the Feb. 11 planning commission meeting included parking, property lines, and fire department approval. Required site engineering-related amendments to the plan had also been added since the planning commission meeting.

Sullivan noted that the building will be used as a storage facility, but restrooms will be included in each of the seven units.

Epi pen demonstration

Members of the Lake High School Med Tech class presented the findings of a class project to develop solutions to an identified health-care problem.

The group project studied the feasibility of putting Epinephrine pens – a device used in emergency situations to inject medication to treat serious allergic reactions to insect stings and bites, foods, drugs, or other substances – in schools, stores, restaurants and other public buildings.

The students said the idea is similar to how automated external defibrillator, or AED units, has been put in various locations to treat heart attack victims. They encouraged city officials to lead the effort by considering having Epi pens at town hall.

Other actions

• Council also tabled a proposed ordinance to allow an indoor shooting range in the village as a conditional use. The tabling was due to the planning commission’s scheduled review of the issue at its March 10 meeting. The legislation is expected to again come before Council following that meeting.

• A five-year agreement with Stark Soil and Water to conduct all stormwater-related inspections at construction sites in the village was approved.

• This is a renewal of the village’s current agreement with Stark Soil and Water. Village Fiscal Officer Scott Varney said the $4,500 annual cost to the village will not change.