PERRY TWP. State Senator Kirk Schuring, a Jackson Township native, received the Ohio Parks and Recreation Association’s (OPRA) 2019 Legislator of the Year award on Feb. 29 at the Stark Parks Wildlife Conservation Center. The lobby of the Center was filled with guests attending the special event.

OPRA Executive Director Woody Woodward said the award is given to those who provide their support to park systems throughout the state of Ohio.

“Kirk Schuring has been a leader in supporting the parks throughout Ohio and here at Stark Parks,” Woodward said. “The legislators who receive this award usually come from areas with a strong park system and Stark County has one of the strongest park districts in Ohio.”

When Schuring received the award, he also reiterated how strong the park district is in the county.

“I really admire the work Stark Parks has done in Stark County,” Schuring said. “Vibrant and quality parks really add to the quality of life in a community. I’m proud to say I’m a representative that supports Stark Parks. I think it’s the best in Ohio.”

Schuring thanked OPRA for the award and said thank you to all of those in attendance at the event. There was a reception held after the award ceremony.

The statement on includes: “OPRA’s 2019 Legislator of the Year is State Senator Kirk Schuring of Stark County. During more than two decades in the Ohio General Assembly, Sen. Kirk Schuring has been a tireless advocate for parks and recreation and a key supporter of the Stark County Park District. As a strong supporter of the Clean Ohio Fund, Senator Schuring has been involved in nearly every project completed by Stark Parks over the past twenty years. This year, as Chair of a Senate Finance Subcommittee, Senator Schuring was able to include an OPRA backed amendment in the state budget which allows greater cooperation between park districts and other local government entities.”