The property is within an area considered to be a "Runway Protection Zone."

GREEN The Akron-Canton Airport is moving forward on plans to buy about 18 acres of land, including two houses on Greensburg Road.

The property is within an area considered to be a "Runway Protection Zone," according to Federal Aviation Administration guidelines. The FAA urges airports to acquire land located inside those zones to ensure no one builds houses, churches, shopping centers, schools or other public-type uses on those sites.

A Protection Zone is a trapezoid-shaped area off the end of a runway. It’s a buffer tract, of sorts, in case an aircraft landed or crashed beyond a runway.

Ren Camacho, Akron-Canton’s president and chief executive, said the airport is soliciting proposals from consultants to handle the land purchases. He'll likely ask the airport board to hire one at its April meeting.

"We know this is not an overnight process," he said, adding it will take at least a year to acquire the land.

The runway creating the need for the purchases is No. 23 -- it stretches more than 1.5 miles in a southwest to northeast diagonal from the Shuffel Street and Wales Avenue NW areas, to near Lauby Road.

The airport already owns most of the land within the trapezoid, but needs to buy the 18 acres to complete it.

The targeted land includes a roughly 11-acre parcel, along the east side of I-77 and a 2-acre site along the west side of the highway — both of which are undeveloped. The remaining five acres are at 3218 and 3226 Greensburg Road; both sites have occupied homes.

Camacho, hired by the airport in 2018, said he’s following through on a purchase recommendation identified in a 2013 airport master plan.

The FAA requires acquisitions to be "fair and consistent treatment for owners of real property ... including equitable treatment for persons displaced as a direct result of these projects ... "

Camacho said that includes fair appraisals of the targeted properties. He added the FAA will provide grants for 90% of the purchase prices.

The combined appraised value for the properties is $319,500, according to calculations made by the Summit County Fiscal Office.

Sandra Beougher, owner of 3218 Greensburg Road, said she was unaware of the current plan. Her neighbor, at 3226 Greensburg Road, Thomas Chiofolo, could not be reached for comment for this story.

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