• Around 2 a.m. on Feb. 3, an officer saw a Ford pick-up parked next to the Tractor Supply Co. building. The driver and passenger admitted to having warrants for their arrest. Police, however, did not want the driver. When the passenger was being arrested and taken to jail, a clear bag with a white crystal-like substance fell out of his shoe. The passenger stated it was meth and he was also charged for possessing it.

• On Main Street just after midnight on Feb. 4, an officer saw a door left open at a home. No one was inside, but there was a broken window pane and footprints.

• A 13-year-old boy at Springfield High School was arrested Feb. 4 for public indecency when his teacher caught him masturbating.

• An elderly woman told police Feb. 5 that she had messages on her answering machine that threatened her late husband, who passed away in August. The woman did not recognize the number or the voice that was leaving the messages, but she knew of the other people that the person was talking about in the messages. The other people were also deceased. The officer advised that extra patrols would be done in the area as a safety measure until the investigation is complete.

• At the Springfield Lake Roller Rink on Feb. 5, a nine-year-old boy tried to use a counterfeit $100 bill at the concession stand. No charges were filed.

• A 13-year-old boy was found in possession of a vape pen at Springfield High School on Feb. 6. He was charged with juvenile possession of tobacco.

• A woman attempted to purchase a vehicle on eBay using eBay cash cards in January. After sending the cards to the suspect, the vehicle was not delivered.


• A vehicle was driving without headlights and was pulled over Feb. 9. An officer smelled a slight odor of alcohol coming from the driver, who admitted he was coming from the Eagles Club. He driver said he had consumed two alcoholic beverages from the bar. He could not perform the field sobriety tests well and he was arrested for operating a vehicle while under the influence. He blew a 0.119. He was issued a citation for the charges and released to a sober party.

• A man said a woman came to his residence Feb. 10 because the woman wanted to fight his girlfriend. The woman, 29, drove her vehicle into the front yard and got stuck causing damage to the yard. The man said the woman then began punching him in the face. The woman said she came to pick up belongings and a verbal argument began with all parties. The woman had brought a friend with her and the friend confirmed that the woman had come to the location looking to start a fight with the girlfriend. The woman was placed under arrest and she was released with a summons.

• A man was stopped and questioned Feb. 11 while he was walking. An officer said the man seemed “jumpy” so he was patted down. A glass pipe with residue was found in his right inner coat pocket. While being questioned, the man said that he was on Saturn. New Franklin EMS came to evaluate the man and said he was okay to be released back to the New Franklin Police Department. He was arrested for possession of drug paraphernalia and brought to jail.

• A vehicle was pulled over for a loud exhaust on Feb. 11. The driver gave consent to search the vehicle and an officer located a glass bowl. The driver claimed ownership of the pipe and he was arrested. He was released on summons.


• A woman reported Feb. 26 that her husband had thrown her pill bottle all over the hallway. When she went to pick it up, he threw her to the ground and her elbow was injured. He was arrested for domestic violence and taken to jail.

• A temporary employee was released from work Feb. 26 after having an inappropriate conversation about a gun. Police were requested to escort the man and officers found he had a warrant. He was arrested.


• Just after midnight Feb. 5, a disabled vehicle was found and the driver had a suspended license and a felony warrant. The driver was arrested. The vehicle belongs to another man and it was towed.

• Someone struck a man's truck with paintballs Feb. 21 as he drove home on South Arlington Road. No suspects were found.

• Hertz Rental Car got a car returned with marijuana sheets found inside on Feb. 21. They were turned over to police. The person who rented the car was to be renting another car from the company.

• A woman heard someone trying to get into her house on Royal Liverpool Drive Feb. 22 by turning her doorknob. She did not see the person. Nothing was taken and the person never got in the house.

• Overnight Feb. 23, someone broke the rear window on a woman's vehicle on Plum Wood Way. It is unknown if it was vandalism or due to temperature changes.

• A man was behind the T-Mobile store and he was digging around a fenced area on Feb. 25. The man gave police a false name and security number. Then he ran and he was Tasered. He was treated by the Green Fire Department and had stolen merchandise from a nearby Speedway. He was taken to jail and charged with theft and obstructing official business.

• A 19-year-old man arrived at the residence of two other men, ages 49 and 19, on Feb. 25 and got into an argument with them over the phone. The 46-year-old man met the young man at his car and a fight started. Then the other 19-year-old joined in the fight. At one point, the older man grabbed a landscaping light and hit the young man over the head and then stabbed him with the stake end of it. When the older man dropped the light, the young man picked it up and stabbed the older man. The young man then dropped it and went back to his vehicle. The other 19-year-old took a rock and threatened the young man, who left the scene. All three people were arrested. The young man and the older man for felonious assault. The other 19-year-old for aggravated menacing and disorderly conduct.

• At Briarwood Apartments on Feb. 26, someone called about people sitting in the hallway. When police arrived, they found one of the people had an active warrant. He was arrested and officers found two smoking pipes on him. He was issued a summons for drug paraphernalia. The other two – one a 12-year-old girl – were told to stop loitering in the hallway. They went into the apartment.


• While a man was away from his Delaware Avenue home between Feb. 18 and Feb. 23, someone attempted to break in the front door of his home. It does not appear that entry was made.

• At Walmart on Feb. 23, a man attempted to shoplift and was stopped. During a search, police found a syringe with meth in it. He was issued a warning for theft and a summons for possession of drug abuse instruments and drugs.

• A man in his 60s was stopped for driving a motorized bike with no plates on it on Feb. 23. He said he did not have a license. He was arrested for driving under suspension and police found a meth in his back pocket. He was also charged with possession of drugs.

• Police received a report of a naked man fighting in the street on Feb. 24. When police saw the man, he did not have shoes on and he was screaming at himself. When the man saw officers, he started to run away. He was caught and arrested for obstructing official business. During a search, police found a crack pipe in the man's bag. He was issued a citation for drug paraphernalia and obstructing, and released.

• A woman called police Feb. 25 because she said her brother was going to kill her with a gun over a cigarette. The brother had left in his vehicle when police arrived. The woman appeared to be under the influence of drugs and did not make much sense. She also did not have visible injuries. A witness in the home said he heard the pair yelling at each other and that the brother did not have access to the only gun in the house. The brother was stopped by Lakemore Police. He did not have a gun. He said the woman had come up to him and started yelling at him while he was sitting in the recliner. The brother said the witness then threw the car keys at him and told him to leave since the woman was acting that way. Then the brother left. The brother was issued a citation for driving under suspension and dropped off at a home in Akron.

• A woman told police that she smelled smoke coming from her adult son’s room on Feb. 26. She went to tell him not to smoke in the house. He became irate and broke items in his room including furniture. Then he threw his mother on top of the broken furniture, injuring her head and arm. That’s when she called police. She told officers that he had been on meth for three days. The son also has a prior domestic violence conviction. He was taken to jail for domestic violence.