JACKSON TWP. Kent State University at Stark recently hosted the Old Souls: Ceramic Sculpture, Prints & Painting during the month of February. The three artists highlighted in the exhibit were Matthew George, Justin Pope and Patrick Bell.

The three met while on campus at Edinboro University in Pennsylvania. This is the first time the three have exhibited together.

The collective works shown by the artists were working across multiple media and depended on experimentation with different material combinations and processes to produce new images and different forms. Bell, Pope and George’s work in this exhibition represents a selection of new experiments from within the past year.

“The three of us have been pursuing this body of work which is all related to self,” George said. “My work is focused on emotions while Patrick’s work focuses on the physical body and Justin is focused on the psychological aspect. “

Bell exhibited sculptures that represented the body.

“I had brain surgery when I was 22 years old so I have a sculpture that represents the side effects of before and after the surgery,” he said. “The second thing that has driven this group of work is more about things we don’t know about health care than we do know. Third, I have many people in my family working in health care in areas such as acupuncture, chiropractors, and physical therapy, there areas that explore the body.”

George’s work was oil paint and charcoal on paper.

“I’m constantly fascinated by the fact that we are constantly in the middle of becoming someone else and these works represent that transition,” George said.

Pope’s work included sketches of characters that Pope described as “working class people, simple images to show how people live their life brain dead.”

He said he has had a strong interest in Hinduism and Buddhism and many of his sketches show that the characters on one a quest for knowledge. He also said the characters are a metaphor for empty space because, “because the expression on their faces are like they are empty.”

Find out what’s happening next in the gallery by visiting www.kent.edu/stark/art-exhibitions.