SPRINGFIELD TWP. What better way to learn to count to 100 than to countdown the days of school? That is what the kindergarten students at Young Elementary school did when it held a 100th day of school fashion show.

Each student had a T-shirt or some item of clothing that, in some way, had 100 items on it representing that Feb. 12 was the 100th day of school.

The more than 70 children had items from a necklace made with 100 fruit loops to a shirt that had 100 buttons on it with it stating that the student had pressed his teacher’s buttons for 100 days.

The three Young Elementary classrooms of students used their imaginations and items they liked. Some had smiles, because they liked to smile; some had little googly eyes, pom poms, dinosaurs, basketballs, jewels, stars, butterflies, pictures of themselves, Jo Jo bows, flowers, stickers, unicorns, cats, 100 dollar bills (not real) and the list went on of these specialty shirts.

The students also had on hats they made to celebrate the special day. After the style show of shirts decorated with 100 items, the students not only received a special snack that included a math lesson that they were not even aware of. There were 10 bowls of snack items including marshmallows, goldfish, pretzels, M&M’s, Fruit Loops and more at the 100th Day Buffet. The students each had a plastic bag and had to go through the line and count out 10 of each of the 10 snacks and put them in the bag totaling – 100 items.

The students enjoyed the snacks with classmates and fellow kindergarteners to celebrate the special day.

Teachers said that the idea behind celebrating 100 days of school is milestone that the young students have learned to count to 100 not only by single numbers but, also, by 5s and 10s. There are generally 174 to 180 days in a school year.

On the 50th day, the young students had a sock hop with 50s music. They count everyday of school and we make a big deal out of 100. They also do other things throughout the day that are all done in in 100’s such as exercising for 100 seconds.

The school did the T-shirts last year, but it didn’t do the fashion show. This was the first year that the three classes came together for that. Each child was introduced, and their T-shirt was described to the other students by the classroom teachers.

The children said they had a lot of fun modeling their 100 days T-shirts and accessories. One student said he made it through 100 days, and he was going to finish the rest of the days.

Hope he realizes he has at least 12 more years to go!