JACKSON TWP. This year’s annual Jackson School for the Arts (JSA) All District Arts Extravaganza on Feb. 22 highlighted more than 350 students in dance, instrumentals, chorale, jazz, theater and vocals.

Plus, artworks from students in kindergarten through 12th were on display.

The theme was New York, New York and the Commons Area of Jackson High School looked like a busy street in New York City with more than 1,500 people attending this year’s event. There were more than 25 live performances including solo dances, ballet, jazz band performances, theatrical performances and much, much more.

There was a silent auction held throughout the evening and a live auction at 9:20 p.m. Jackson Local Arts Consultant and JSA Program Director Susan Gardner was thrilled with the turn out.

“We are so grateful for everyone coming out again this year,” Gardener said. “This is definitely another record-breaking year for us.”

She reiterated that the journey to the Extravaganza is dependent upon the unbelievable parents and the JSA community which has worked together to once again make it a best ever event.

The parking was limited throughout the evening and the entrance to Jackson High School was packed for hours with people coming in to watch the performances. The JSA also sold food and dessert items throughout the night.

Starting at 5:30 p.m. and continuing through to 10 p.m., makes for a long evening for the JSA groups. The excitement of the students performing and the parents watching from the audience kept the event vibrant. The audience showed their appreciation by giving the performances their undivided attention and expressing their thoughts with plenty of applause.

The Jackson School for the Arts (JSA) is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit providing a highly specialized art program within Jackson High School. Established in 2001, JSA provides talented students with unique curriculum, activities, student organizations and mentoring that support personal and professional development, creativity, academic achievement and a high level of skill in practice. JSA provides advanced coursework including Advanced Placement (AP) and College Credit Plus (CCP) courses, as well as real-world Art Experiences, art practice, performance and competition experience. In 2017, JSA launched The Meraki Gallery, a student-run exhibit space within Jackson High School.