NEW FRANKLIN New Franklin City Council members voted to approve a resolution authorizing the city to obtain 422 paving Chip and Seal program services from the Summit County Engineer.

This was the second read for the resolution and council members voted to waive the third read. The cost is not defined in the legislation, however, Mayor Paul Adamson said that if the dollar amount is not workable, the city can reject it.

Also approved during the meeting was a resolution authorizing the transfer of funds from the general fund to the police district and dispatch funds.

Dispensing with the three reads a resolution was passed with a 5 to 2 vote to reappoint Steven Leslie as chief of the New Franklin Fire Department.

Other business:

• Finance Director Susan Cooke reported that the fund balance is $3,144,347.77.

• Adamson said the city is looking at dispatch options. There is a group that is working to put together a dispatch group in the Stow and surrounding communities. He said New Franklin has paid to be involved in the study. Because New Franklin is coming in late, it was charged $3,000 to be a part of the study rather than the original $7,800. He also mentioned that the city is looking at South West Summit Communications (SWSCOM). He said it was important that wherever New Franklin goes for dispatching that the calls go directly to the dispatch center and then to the fire or police department rather than to go to the Summit County Sheriff’s Office and then transferred to another location. Adamson said that in talking with other communities, many are having issues with the cost of dispatching.

• A discussion was held about the closed bridge on Kunkle, which is in needs of repair. It is considered to be located in the city of Norton and is used by residents in both New Franklin and Norton. Adamson said the city is looking into whose responsibility it is to repair the bridge. Questions were asked if New Franklin or Norton fixes, does it mean they own it and are responsible for the maintenance. Adamson said New Franklin lawyers are talking to Norton’s lawyers to set up another meeting in hopes this can be settled. It is going to take about $137,000 to repair the damage.

• A public hearing for Therese Prosise’s application for placement of farmland in an agricultural district was held. The request was approved.


• Adamson said that the census information and applications will be available online and when there is more information as to when that will happen, he will announce it.

• Community Response training is going to be available March 21 and March 28. The training session is from 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. each day. The information is on the city Facebook page. There is a limit of 25 people for the class.

The next meeting will be at 6 p.m., March 4 at the New Franklin City Hall.