• There was a report of a neighbor dispute with weapons involved on Feb. 12. As officers arrived, they observed several individuals standing in the middle of the road. A man, who appeared intoxicated, stated that he was crossing the street carrying his small child when another other man came driving off Church Street, sliding sideways almost hitting him and his child. The man with his child then walked up the street and confronted the driver. An argument started and witnesses gathered. Two witnesses said they saw the driver holding a gun at his side so one of the witnesses reached back putting his hand on his weapon. What the witnesses actually saw was a cutting tool, not a gun. The men were advised to go back to their homes.

• A mother says that her daughter had her air pod stolen, possibly during History class the eighth period, on Feb. 14 at Springfield High School.

• On Feb. 14, a man, who was locked out of his trailer that he shares with his former fiance, was advised that he could enter the premises and he forced the door open. His former fiance then exited the bedroom with a another man. An officer arrived on scene and the man who exited the trailer had an active warrant out of Massillon Police Department and was arrested.

• An acquaintance stopped by a woman’s residence on Feb. 16 and asked to use her phone. The acquaintance used the woman's money app to transfer $200 to her account without the woman's permission. The woman was advised to contact her financial institution and cancel her account.

• An officer observed a man sleeping behind the wheel of his vehicle on the road on Feb. 16. The officer woke up the man and found the man had a warrant for disorderly conduct. He was arrested and the officer noticed a full can of Bud Light beer in the center console. The man was issued a summons for open container and his warrant. He was taken to his residence and released.


• At Bounce Archery on Feb. 14, there was a report of trespassing. The owner said a man has been on the property and that he followed the tracks to a barn on Center Road. Officers located a detached structure with an open door. No one was inside, but there were more footprints leading to the rear door of the garage to the home. The door was locked and secure. The homeowners were contacted and found that their home had been ransacked and that there was an estimated $15,000 to $20,000 worth of property stolen. The next day, the woman dropped off a list of the property that was taken.

• An officer was headed to an alarm on Feb. 15 when he saw a vehicle leaving the Speedway gas station. He stopped the vehicle. The driver immediately started accusing the passenger of an incident that happened at the business. The passenger was ordered out of the vehicle and patted down. The passenger said he made entry into the closed business through the front door that was unlocked. Stolen property was found in the back seat and the passenger admitted to taking it. Three unopened beer cans and two cigars concealed in a backpack where found in the back driver side seat. The passenger admitted that it belonged to him despite everyone in the car being underage. He was then placed under arrest and taken to his father’s home. The other passenger’s and the driver’s parents were notified. The owner of the Speedway wished to press charges for breaking and entering and theft from the business.

• A wife claimed Feb. 16 that her husband was abusing her by pushing and holding her to the ground. The couple has cameras throughout their home. After watching footage, it was then discovered that the husband was in bed sleeping when his wife came into the bedroom screaming and swearing profanity. She ripped the covers from him and started throwing perfume bottles at him. The husband was also bitten on the wrist. The wife had been drinking the majority of the day. She was arrested and taken to Summit County Jail.

• During a traffic stop for a loud exhaust on Feb. 19, an officer smelled marijuana coming from the vehicle. The occupants exited and the driver said they had smoked a blunt inside the vehicle. A search of the vehicle revealed a backpack containing a large amount of marijuana. The driver advised that the marijuana was not his. The passenger claimed the bag and he was arrested. Two mason jars and three bags held a total of 232 grams of marijuana. The passenger was taken to jail.


• A man reported that someone took catalytic converters from his mobile home between Nov. 1 and Feb. 7.

• A father reported Feb. 8 that his adult son was acting erratic and had gotten physical with him after an argument with the mother. The father reported that his son threw him around the house and the father sustained visible injuries. After a check, there was also a warrant out for the son and the parents had a protection order against him. The son was charged with violating a protection order and domestic violence on top of his warrant.

• A man noticed his lock had been cut from his storage unit on Feb. 9 and $7,854 worth of merchandise had been stolen, including DVDs, vinyl records, and CDs. He said that it happened between Dec. 24 and Dec. 28.

• A homeowner told police Feb. 9 that a man overdosed and that three people had dragged him out of the backroom and then took off running. The man was taken to the hospital.

• An unidentified white man went to the breakfast bar at a South Arlington Road motel on Feb. 11 and made eight waffles and five glasses of milk. He put it all in his bag and then he emptied the milk pitcher and put that in his bag. He was not a guest at the motel.

• Someone reported that two people entered a vacant residence with flashlights on Feb. 13. When police arrived, one of the men was found to have a warrant and he was arrested. Charges are pending for burglary.

• Overnight Feb. 13, someone broke into a man’s home on Milo White Drive while he was away. They took drills, televisions, laptops and other power tools.

• A man reported Feb. 13 that someone had cashed multiple checks in his business’s name and forged his signature in the past two days.

• A woman was stopped Feb. 16 after police had a report of a suspicious person. She refused to give her identifying information and a K9 unit alerted police. Police found a pipe, meth and a scale. The woman had an active warrant after her identity could be established. She was taken to jail on the warrant and issued summons for obstruction, possession of drugs and possession of drug paraphernalia.

• A woman would not leave a residence on Feb. 18 and police were flagged down. She seemed to be under the influence of drugs or alcohol and she had poor balance and a blank stare. The woman said she was trying to get to her mom’s house and she had been drinking until 4 a.m. An officer saw suspected track marks on her wrist and asked if she had done drugs. She said no. The officer asked for her ID and she said she didn’t have it. The officer asked to search her purse and she said consented. Inside the purse, the officer found a burnt spoon, a needle and folded papers with gray powder inside believed to be heroin. She was administered Narcan when she started to overdose and was taken to the hospital. The powder was sent to testing and she was charged with possession of drug paraphernalia. More warrants are pending.

• At Martell’s Maplewood Park on Feb 18, someone spray painted the mailbox and the community board. Some of the green paint had read “methamphetamine.”

• At Schrop Intermediate School Feb. 18, a 10-year-old girl was seen writing a “slaughter list” in her fifth grade classroom. The list included family members, students from a previous school and current students. The list included how she wanted to harm them. Parents were made aware and the student was suspended with a possible expulsion.

• A woman said that early in the morning Feb. 19, someone stole the wheels and tires off her vehicle on Trent Drive. She believes it was someone from the trailer park close to her home. The woman’s son has cameras and will review footage.

• A man said his adult granddaughter had stolen tools out of his garage Feb. 19 and posted them for sale online. A witness had brought this to the man’s attention and the granddaughter had used a screwdriver to get into the garage. Charges for theft are pending.

• A man reported that someone drove through his yard overnight Feb. 21 and destroyed his mailbox on Lessig Avenue. Police observed several other yards had also been driven through.


• A woman reported Jan. 7 that someone hacked her phone account and switched her to another cell carrier.

• A man was stopped for going 40mph in a school zone on Jan. 10. It was found he had a suspended license and a warrant. He was placed under arrest.

• A woman received an email from Amazon Jan. 11 that said her account would be suspended if she didn’t update her information. She clicked the link and put in her social security number before realizing it was a scam. She canceled her credit card she used and filed a report.

• A man was getting picked up for a warrant on Jan. 12 and his father opened the door and told police his son was in the bathroom. The man had attempted to flush a syringe down the toilet. He was arrested for five warrants and possession of drug abuse instruments. He was taken to jail.

• During a traffic stop Jan. 21, it was found that a trailer had fictitious plates and the driver was cited.

• A man reported Jan. 25 that someone with a large truck and dual wheels had damaged his yard. It happened between Jan. 18-24, but he hadn’t seen it because it was on his side yard which had been covered in snow.

• A woman gave out her social security number on Feb. 7 to someone she thought was a social security worker.

• A woman was stopped for an equipment violation on Feb. 7. It was found that her license was suspended and she had a warrant. She was arrested.

• A woman told police Feb. 11 that she gave her granddaughter’s boyfriend permission to use her car to go to the store and return home. The boy then took the car and did not return for more than 48 hours. The car was returned Feb. 12.

• A man reported telecommunications fraud on Feb. 14.


• An Abbot Electric employee found a camo backpack in a ditch covered in snow on Feb. 13. It had fishing lures and marijuana in it. It was logged in the police department’s property room.

• An officer saw three boys walking on railroad tracks and trespassing into a building on Feb. 19. They were removed from the building and they admitted to drinking alcohol. The boys were underage and they were released to their parents with summons for juvenile court. They were charged with possession of liquor while underage and criminal trespass.

• A man went to his bank Feb. 22 and noticed his balance was not correct. He got a print out of the transactions and found two checks and two Bank of America withdrawals that he did not make. The checks are for $900 each. He alerted his bank of the fraudulent activity.


• A teenage girl was home alone and a man entered the residence through an unlocked garage on Feb. 7. He was wearing all dark clothing. The girl saw him in the living room and yelled at him to get out of the house and ran into her mother's room with her phone. The man ran back toward the garage. The girl called her mother and a friend to come over to stay with her. The girl observed tracks in the snow that were not there before. The girl and her friend and a neighbor investigated the tracks, destroying them before police could arrive.

• A neighbor noticed a minivan crash into a landscaping bush after pulling out of a driveway on Feb. 8. The driver appeared to be unconscious. When police and EMS arrived, they found the man disoriented and his eyes were bloodshot. He was unsure of what happened and later admitted to smoking marijuana. The vehicle was searched and meth was found and what the man said was hashish. Marijuana and a grinder were also found. He was arrested and submitted to a urine test at the station. He was charged with possession of drugs and drug paraphernalia.

• A man received a call from an unknown number on Feb. 11 where a person left a voice message saying they were coming for him and would kill him.

• A woman on Vaughn Trail reported Feb. 16 that someone stole a package that had been delivered to her house and left in her mailbox.

• A man reported that between Feb. 2 and Feb. 18, someone stole the license plate off his trailer.


• A woman punched her live-in boyfriend in the face several times on Feb. 8. She also ripped her boyfriend's friend's shirt and scratched his neck and chest area. She injured her own foot when she kicked through a bedroom door and she was taken to the hospital. The woman was arrested for domestic violence and taken to jail.

• A woman told police Feb. 8 that she changed the locks on her apartment after her ex moved out. She placed his belongings outside of the door. He arrived and wanted her to open the door. He banged on the door, damaging the lock. He left before police arrived and could not be reached. A warrant for criminal damaging has been issued.

• A woman reported Feb. 8 that her son came to the residence and destroyed the screen to the back sliding door. He pounded on the door when she would not let him in. He left when she said she had called police, but he sent a text message telling her to burn in hell. He was located and arrested for domestic violence. When in the cruiser, he struck his head on the metal cage. He was evaluated at the hospital and released so he could be taken to jail.

• A woman was driving with her two kids and their father when he struck her in the face multiple times on Feb. 9. He was intoxicated and he was arrested for domestic violence and endangering children. He was taken to jail.

• At Camp Y-Noah, a woman told police Feb. 13 they had chased a person on an ATV who had gotten into the pen with their horses.

• A woman on Chenoweth Road reported Feb. 16 that someone stole her iPad mini while she was not home.

• A woman reported that her boyfriend pushed her down and pulled her by the hair during an argument on Feb. 16. Police observed many broken items and the boyfriend said they had both been throwing them during the argument. The man was arrested and taken to jail.

• A man received a letter in the mail Feb. 17 saying his wages were going to be garnished in reference to an apartment he rented in Tempe, Ariz. The man has never lived in Arizona and is worried someone is using his social security number. He was told to contact his employer and other financial institutions.