SPRINGFIELD TWP. During the Feb. 13 meeting, the Springfield Township Board of Trustees voted to approve an agreement to become a member of the South West Summit Council of Governments (SWSCOG) to provide dispatch services for the Police and Fire Departments for a five-year term to commence upon a date to be negotiated by the Police Chief Jack Simone.

Trustee Deborah Davis said the Police Department is dispatched by the Summit County Sheriff’s Office and the Fire Department is dispatched by the City of Green.

The Sheriff’s Office answers 911 calls and then turns them over to the community’s dispatch service.

“We are going with SWSCOG and they will dispatch both at the same time,” Davis said. “I feel that is a really good thing. Being a dispatcher, it is a good thing to have someone in the same room because if an officer asks you a question after the call, you can turn around and ask whoever took the call. I am all for it and think it is the way to go.”

Davis also said the township will continue to have its rates raised with the current situation. Now, it will have a say in what happens because the township will have a member on the SWSCOG board.

Firemedic retires

The Board also accepted the retirement of Firemedic Dane Zickefoose, effective Jan. 18. He has served the department since 1996 as part-time firefighter paramedic, then was hired full-time and became a shift supervisor. Trustee Dean Young said trustees are grateful for the 24 years Zickefoose has served the department.

Fire Capt. Steve Simich led the presentation for Zickefoose, recognizing him for his years of service and dedication to the residents of Springfield Township. He recognized the Zickefoose family who were on hand for the presentation. Simich said it is not easy to be a family member of a firefighter.

Simich presented Zickefoose with his fire helmet and shield, and also a framed a picture from a fire with him in the background.

Kevin Atkinson, president of the full-time firefighters and the crew from Zickefoose’s shift, presented him with a retirement axe.

Young thanked him on behalf of the trustees for his hard work and dedication. He said he was part of the reason the department is so well respected.

Zickefoose said it was all about the guys. His talked about all the awards the men have received over the years.

In other business, trustees:

• Approved the promotion of Police Officer Cody Meade to fulltime status as School Resource Officer for the elementary schools.

The Police Department will pay the Metro SWAT Fair Share Fees for 2020 in the amount of $4,672. Also approved was the memorandum of understanding between the Springfield Board of Education and the trustees to provide the school resource officer, effective Feb. 10.

Police Chief Jack Simone said that Meade is a great young man and officer. He will bounce from each of the three elementary schools throughout the day. His roll will be providing security for the schools and getting to know the teachers and students and will teach classes about drugs and bullying, etc. He will continue to be a police officer for the community as well. Meade has been in training for the position. The cost of the time of the officer in the schools will be paid for by the board of education through a grant.

• For the road department, the annual highway system mileage was certified.

• The board went into executive session to consider compensation of public employees, appointment of a public employee or official, status of negotiation with public employee unions, and a complaint against a public employee or official.

The regular meeting resumed, and legislation was approved to adjust the starting hourly rate for part-time police officers to be $18 per hour effective, Feb. 10.

Legislation was approved to ratify the agreement reached with Teamster’s Local Union No. 436 on the wage issues only for calendar year 2020 retroactive to Jan. 1, 2020.

Young said there is information available if anyone is interested in being a Census Taker. You can apply online at 2020census.gov/jobs.

The next meeting will be held at 6 p.m., Feb. 28 at the Town Hall on Canfield Road.