LAKEMORE At the first meeting of the new year for the Village of Lakemore Council on Jan. 6, three council members were sworn in.

Those members were eight-year council veteran Anne Snyder, new council member Heather Anderson and Jon Strittmatter, who was selected to fill the rest of the term for Chad Lance and then the vacancy left when ex-councilman Rich Cole won November’s mayoral election.

The three have similar visions for the village. They talked about being fiscally responsible with residents’ hard earned dollars while providing opportunities for the members of the community.

Snyder said she is looking forward to continuing progress in the community and staying fiscally sound. She has seen the village get through fiscal emergency, get the Police Department back and running, 24-hour coverage for the Fire Department and some progress on the roads.

“We have a great staff for the village in the offices and the Department of Public Services and along with our fire chief, police chief and fiscal officer, they all work hard for the residents,” Snyder said.

She said the village does have its challenges, but she ran again because she enjoys it and said she has experience to bring to the table.

Snyder is a professional artist and has taken part in local shows and enjoys the creating of her artwork. She said she has met some nice people through her art. She has voluntarily run some free art classes for village children. Snyder enjoys helping with the community events, egg hunt, tree lighting and Halloween party.

Heather Anderson said this community has been very supportive for the things she has wanted to do such as the Lions Club and the Spartan Snack Pack program.

“This is one way I felt I could give back to the community that has been very supportive of me,” Anderson said.

She said council wants to continue to grow the community in a direction that is good for everybody. She had lived in Lakemore from 1988 to 2003 and no matter where she lived after that, Lakemore felt like home. Now, living back in the village, she said that the people of the village are very down to earth and giving people.

“It just feels like home,” Anderson said. “This is a way I can help them live in a better community. Lakemore is a great community, but I see things we can do to make it a little bit better.”

It is important to her that council makes sure to maintain and improve safety services and infrastructure.

“These people work hard for their money and one of my main goals is to be fiscally sound for them and in a way that makes sense,” she said.

Anderson has two teenage daughters and enjoys her role in fostering Norwegian Elk Hounds for the John Nelson Moose Dog Rescue Organization.

Strittmatter said he would like to see the parks come back to what they once were and have things for the kids to do. He spoke about the acquisition of properties that council is working on and said it would be great to be able to keep the last of the original buildings in the village.

“If we could get the coffee shop back to a place for people to meet and talk, the way I remember it, that would be awesome,” he said.

Strittmatter also talked about the need for a community center, which is a future vision for council members. He said in acquiring the property they are seeking would get rid of a bar where Strittmatter said he spent time bandaging people up as a paramedic and it would be refurbished into something good for the community.

“We need a place for kids to do things, right now we have nothing,” he said. “We have had the Lion’s Club come do a lot with the parks. We want to get it back to where it is family and kid friendly.”

Strittmatter is retired from the Lakemore Fire Department at the rank of captain with 21 years of service. He has two daughters. He loves to hunt and he can be seen almost nightly taking pictures of the sunset and eagles at Springfield Lake. His photos often appear on Fox 8’s Eye on Akron. In fact, he has had more than 50 photos shown on the show. Villagers will also find him flipping pancakes for the fireman’s annual pancake breakfasts.

All three council members expressed how important the community is to them and that they want to do the best they can to make it the best possible place for village families to live and grow.