JACKSON TWP. Sharon Cook has taken the plunge into icy cold Lake Cable for the past two years when she and a group of friends got together to raise money for different charities.

“I think last year was the coldest of the two years so far,” Cook said. “Jumping into the cold water is a bit of shock but I think the brain shuts off until you get it over with but it’s worth it for the amount of money we’ve raised over the past two years and helping out the charities.”

The group had less than 10 people the first year and it is up to 21 people jumping together this year. Nobody in the group has any kids in the Jackson Local Schools. Cook said they are just are all really passionate about helping out the Jackson Local Schools Foundation (JLSF) and other charities.

“Jose’s Landing is our sponsor and we hold a fundraiser there after we jump. I think we are jumping second this year and then we all go over to Jose’s Landing to raise more money. The eatery is located right next to the jump site,” Cook said.

Half of the money they raise goes to JLSF and the other half gets divided this year amongst three charities including:

• Community Harvest in Jackson Township

• Paw Crazy Rescue (animal rescue) in Jackson Township

• CASA Star Association Inc., which supports and promotes court-appointed volunteer advocacy so that every abused or neglected child can be safe and establish permanence and have the opportunity to thrive in Stark and Carroll counties.

“We are proud of our participation in the plunge because we get to help animals and kids that can’t speak for themselves. The team camaraderie is important too. All of us want to conquer the elements to help those in need,” Cook said.

The Jackson Local Schools Foundation (JLSF) is an independent organization of local volunteers that works to promote educational achievement, encourage instructional innovation and create excitement about learning. The JLSF is a non-profit, charitable organization that seeks tax-deductible donations from citizens, businesses and organizations to further the excellence in Jackson Local Schools.

For more information about the Polar Bear Plunge, visit www.jacksonpolarbearplunge.org/.