As my time of service on Green City Council comes to a close, I want to thank the citizens of Green for the honor of serving them for the past eight years. Our City seal proclaims,”A Proud Heritage. A Bright Future." I agree with this sentiment. During my service on Council, I learned many valuable lessons about myself, about human nature, about our great city, and about the many wonderful and selfless people who call Green home.

The dedicated public servants who work for the city are wonderful people who come to work every day to serve the citizens of Green, and they serve with excellence. One of my favorite parts of serving on Council was working alongside Mayors Norton and Neugebauer, many fine Council representatives and the city's administrative directors and their dedicated employees.

Of course, in every community there is a small minority of people who resist building up their fellow citizens and, instead, they focus on tearing others down. Fortunately, Green voters have consistently acknowledged the many blessings we enjoy in our community and they have supported leaders who present a positive and progressive vision to build a stronger community together. Green's best days are ahead as long as voters elect representatives of character who have a positive vision for the future of our city.

I am excited about Green's future. As I give way to new leadership on Council, I am thankful for the small part the citizens of Green have allowed me to play in the history of our city. I will be cheering for Mayor Neugebauer and City Council as they lead with character and vision, and I will join those positive voices in our community as we seek to celebrate "A Proud Heritage. A Bright Future." May God continue to bless our City.

Chris Humphrey,

Former Green councilman