By Carolynn Mostyn, Suburbanite correspondent

SPRINGFIELD TWP. Resignations from the Springfield Police Department were accepted by the Springfield Board of Trustees at the Dec. 12 meeting including the retirement resignation of Police Chief Dave Hoover.

“We have expressed our concerns about this, and they are big shoes to fill,” said Trustee Dean Young.

Trustee Debbie Davis said to Hoover, “It has been an honor to work with you.”

Other accepted resignations included Officers Matthew Landis and James Hofus. Officer John A. Simms will be moved to full time effective Dec. 30.

Hoover reported for the month of November that the department had a total of 1,001 monthly calls. He thanked the volunteers of the Volunteer Auxiliary Springfield Police (VASP) that help the department in many ways throughout the year.

Hoover also reported that he and the department sergeants attended executive leadership training and all officers attended Summit County had training and qualified for Taser recertification.

• A resolution was adopted for the Summit County Hazard Mitigation Plan by trustees. Road Superintendent Ted Weinsheimer said the plan allows for the township to apply for federal funds for properties that are in low lying flood areas.

• Weinsheimer said his department has been working on filling potholes. If anyone wants to report potholes, call 330-733-3213. He reported that the salt storage bin has been filled and so far, they have not had to use any of the 950 tons of salt. He said they anticipate the will use 2,100 tons. He asked that residents do not park on the roads during the weather conditions that would involve snow removal and salting.

“Remember to keep a safe distance from the trucks as drivers cannot see you if you are too close,” he said. “We do have some problems in some of our allotments when we have to plow. We have to plow around cars. If you could, please get your cars off the road.”

• Fire Chief Vic Wincik reported that the department responded to 217 alarms with 185 EMS related. There were no motions for the department.

• Resident David Dies thanked Hoover for his years of service to the community.

“If you have had to use the Springfield Police Department, it is very professional. I appreciate it.”

• Dies also asked if Lakemore has pumped into Springfield Lake. Trustees said not to their knowledge. He asked if the JEDD money could be used to have a study done about the logistics of sewer lines running in Springfield to avoid any possibility of run off from the septic systems to go into the lake. He mentioned that there were a lot of bubbles on the lake Saturday which could have been soap from washers.

Young said they would have to look at the logistics to get some sewer lines in. He said there are engineering logistics.

• Resident Jerry Michael thanked the trustees on behalf of Mr. and Mrs. Claus for the great Christmas lighting.

“We had a lot more kids than in prior years and it gets better every year.”

• Young said they are studying the potential road program for next year and that they are going to ramp it up. Weinsheimer said this year they spent $75,000 and in the new year they are looking at spending about $250,000.

• Davis thanked everyone who came out and helped at the Christmas Tree lighting. “If it wasn’t for the volunteers that help us do this and the businesses that contribute, we wouldn’t be able to do a lot of what we do. There are a lot of people that volunteer their time.”