LAKE TWP. Dayna DiMarco, children’s librarian at the Lake Community Branch, was teaching kids at the monthly learning at the library session about painting with watercolors, pastels and sprinkling salt on a painting to give it a muted background. She was also teaching the kids how to draw a cardinal during the Dec. 6 class.

The class is held once a month on the first or second Friday of each month. DiMarco said they look at the work of a children’s book artist and then try to make some of the artwork from the book.

“Today, we are just doing a number of things related to the holidays and not any one artist or book in particular,” DiMarco said. “We will have a story today because the class is book related and we always have a book to read or follow.”

The class is open to the public and is geared towards kids in kindergarten through fifth grades. Sometimes, younger siblings come along, too, which DiMarco said is fine.

“The class holds a lot of interest for kids who are home schooled, but anyone is more than welcome to come and join us,” DiMarco said.

While the class is free, the library does ask for parents to register by calling 330-877-9975. DiMarco said that when kids register first, it gives her an idea of the amount of supplies she will need. She did say they will also take walk-ins.

For more information on this class or any event held at the Lake Community Branch Library, visit the website at www.