A student from Coventry High School went to the Police Department Dec. 9 to report menacing between her and another student. The 16-year-old white student said she was attacked by a 15-year-old black student for a racial comment that she made in the past. Police followed up with the school's principal. The two students do not have similar schedules and, furthermore, the 15-year-old student has moved away from the district. She said she does not have an issue with the 16-year-old. Due to conflicting statements and no witnesses, no charges will be pursued.

Around 6 a.m. Dec. 11, someone entered the Wash Works Express car wash and removed Christmas decorations and extension cords.



A woman attempted to steal a cart full of items Dec. 9 from Target. An officer stopped the vehicle she fled into and found a man driving. The man had a suspended driver's license and he had marijuana in the car. The man was issued a summons for possession of marijuana and driving under suspension. The woman was found to have stolen $448.80 worth of goods and they were all returned. She was arrested for theft and was found to have a warrant from Jackson Township for theft.

Regal Cinema employees found a purse on Nov. 30. Per policy, the company held it at their business for 14 days to see if the owner returned. The owner did not so they turned it over to police.

A man reported Dec. 9 that three rings, worth $9,900, were stolen from his home. They were in the bedroom where his domestic partner had been ill and several medical personnel had access to the room between Oct. 21 and Nov. 1.

A delivery man was trying to make a delivery several hours early on Dec. 9. The business said it could not accept the delivery at this time and the business has had issues with the delivery man in the past. The delivery driver is not supposed to be the one delivering to this address and is banned from the business. The police let the driver know he was banned from the business. He said he understood and would not return.

A South Main Street man said someone stole his wallet from his kitchen counter between Dec. 8 and 9.

Near midnight at Target Dec. 11, a woman walked out with several items that she did not pay for. They cost a little more than $50. When she was stopped, she said she forgot to pay for them. When police arrived, she gave them false names and other identifying information. Eventually, she police her real name, birthdate and social security. The woman was arrested for obstruction of official business and theft and taken to jail.

A woman told police Dec. 11 that her boyfriend had slammed her arm in the bathroom door and then fled the home after an argument. She said the argument had started because she was tired after work and her boyfriend had been drinking. He started to play loud music while he had a friend over and she asked him to turn it off so she could go to bed. He did and went into the basement and she went to lie down. Then he came back up and ripped the sheets off her and started yelling at her for ruining their night. The woman fled to the bathroom but the boyfriend forced the door open. She tried to close it and he slammed it and that is when she was injured. The man was arrested when he tried to return to the residence and he was taken to jail.

A man received a letter in the mail from a collection agency saying he owed more than $3,000 to an urgent care in Florida. The man called the law firm and said he had not been to Florida or have medical services with that company. The law firm had all his identifying information but would not provide dates of service.

A man could not locate his gun back in September when he was moving. He does not have the identification number but wanted police to know in case it was used for a crime.


A man he noticed his fence on Manchester Road was damaged by a vehicle overnight Dec. 6.

Around 3 p.m. Dec. 6, a small child was found walking along the side of West Comet Road. The woman who found the child told police she was driving down the roadway when she saw the small child and stopped. An officer checked the neighboring residences and found an open door. The father of the small child was asleep on the couch and unaware the child had left the residence on foot. Child protective services was contacted for a report.

A man on Renninger Road found a black knife on the fence line and turned it in to police on Dec. 6.

A man was at work Dec. 8 when he received phone calls from an acquaintance who threatened to kill him and stated that he was outside. The man sent police the two recorded phone. Police contacted the acquaintance who admitted that he made such statements and that he was in the wrong for doing so. He was issued a summons for aggravated menacing.

During a traffic stop Dec. 8, it was found that the driver had a suspended license an active felony warrant out of the Summit County Sheriff's Office. The driver told police that he had half of percocet pill and 10 gabapentin pills in his pocket. He also advised that he had methamphetamine in the glove box of his vehicle. An adderall pill was also found on the passenger side floor board. He was placed under arrest for possession of drugs as well. The vehicle was towed.

A woman reported Dec. 11 that on Dec. 6 she noticed $79,000 was transferred from four of her accounts into unknown accounts that were not hers. She spoke with Chase Bank, which stated two accounts were opened digitally in her name by someone and the money was transferred to those accounts. This matter is under investigation.


A stolen vehicle was parked in a lot at the Hyundai Dealership in Cuyahoga Falls on Dec. 4. An employee reported to police that they saw a white couple exit the vehicle and leave the parking lot. The vehicle had a stolen license plate on it. Inside the vehicle, police found a black cell phone, a bag of crystal-like substance, a heater, several speakers, a digital safe, a glass smoking pipe, hygiene products, a propane tank, a camera and several items of clothing. The vehicle was eventually released to its owner.

A man stole boots by putting them on and also stuffed two pairs of gloves in his pants Dec. 4 at Walmart. During a search, police also found marijuana on him. He had previously been banned from all Walmarts because of theft. He was charged with theft, possession of drugs, and criminal trespass. He was issued a summons.

Police were called to a possible human trafficking a South Arlington road hotel on Dec. 5. They found a woman alone. She let police inside and said she was the only person there and she was not in trouble. Police found hypodermic needles. She was arrested for possession of drug abuse instruments, issued a summons and released.

Overnight Dec. 5, a man parked his work truck at Storage Zone. When he returned, he started it and noticed it was very loud. He looked underneath and saw that someone had stolen his catalytic converter.

An employee for Applebee’s reported that around 2 a.m. Dec. 6, three people broke a window of a door and entered the business. They broke into the office and stole the safe and money from the register. They all wore hoodies, masks and gloves. They appeared to be white men but ages and descriptions cannot be confirmed.

A woman had a flat tire at work Dec. 6 so she left her car there. When she returned to fix the flat, the vehicle was gone. Her ex-boyfriend said he had taken it to fix the tire. She told him he did not have permission to take the vehicle and that he had a suspended license anyway. He returned the vehicle during the night. The woman does not want to press charges for unauthorized use.

A man reported that between Sept. 26 and Oct. 30, her card had been used to make unauthorized cashback transactions totaling $450. An investigation is pending.

Someone cut the catalytic converters off two trucks at Macrocar Sales on Dec. 7.

A man stole $139.25 worth of merchandise from Walmart on Dec. 8. He was stopped and searched. Police found crystal meth. He also had two warrants out of Portage County. He was charged with theft and possession of drugs. He was issued a summons and turned over to Portage County Sheriffs.

A car stolen out of Canton was found in a Marc’s lot Dec. 10 with a flat tire and missing the keys.

A man reported that his live-in girlfriend grabbed him by the neck and scratched him on Dec. 11. She fled prior to police arrival but returned right after police left. Police returned to the home, but the woman had fled again. She was found at a nearby store and arrested for domestic violence.

A man reported that someone stole 10 feet of lime green aluminum siding from the rear of his house on Junior Avenue on Dec. 11.