LAKEMORE During the first village of Lakemore Council meeting in December, Fiscal Officer Tracy Fast read a long list of legislation to be approved at the next meeting.

A settlement agreement between Darryl Morgan and the village was read. Morgan owns property at 2705 Ottawa Ave. and is a resident of the home. There has been significant flooding on the property since 2016. In the agreement, it is alleged that a storm sewer running underneath the property was owned by Lakemore and that obstructions caused flooding on the property and home.

If approved at the next meeting, the village will pay Morgan the sum of $7,300 to reimburse him for repairs he made to the property as allegedly instructed by village employees/officials.

• Read for the first time was an ordinance to amend a previous ordinance for appropriations for current expenses and other expenditures of the village during the year ending Dec. 31. The change of appropriations includes $8,370 for engineering services by Water Enterprise Profession Services for hydrant work and inspection of the low-level water tower.

• Also read for the first time was an ordinance to make appropriations for current expenses and other expenditures of the village for the fiscal year ending Dec. 31, 2020.

• A resolution accepting the long-term maintenance agreement for stormwater management from Springfield Local Schools for the transportation facility was read for the first time.

• A resolution authorizing the mayor and fiscal officer to apply for the Akron Metropolitan Transportation Study (AMATS) Connecting Communities planning grant of $40,000 for extending and installing sidewalks was read.

• Resolutions for the Fire Department were read for the employment of Alex Ciptak with the Lakemore Fire Department and the promotion of Douglas Dunwald from non-technical support to active employment.

• A resolution accepting the proposal from AT&T for phone and internet service for the village was read for the first time.

• Resident Eddie Heiner spoke to the council members about issues with his water. The problem will be looked at and should be corrected when the Edwin Shaw waterlines are installed.

• Lakemore Food Pantry, which benefits from residents recycling at Lakemore United Methodist Church, has bins for paper and cardboard behind the church in the parking lot.

• Mayor Rick Justice and Council Members thanked everyone for coming out to the tree lighting Nov. 30.