JACKSON TWP. During the regular meeting on Dec. 10, the Jackson Township Board of Trustees held a public hearing for a zoning change request for DeVille Enterprises & DeVille Hills & Dales. The proposed rezone is from Rural Residential District to Residential Planned Unit Development District.

DeVille is asking trustees to approve rezoning of approximately 39 acres, at and near the southwest corner of Hills & Dales and Brunnerdale. If the request is approved, DeVille is planning to build six two-unit buildings and 19 three-unit buildings for a total of 69 condominiums. Several years ago, DeVille made a rezone request to build apartments and houses on the same property.

The 1,600- to 1,900-square-foot condos will sell for more than $250,000 and will be a mix of ranch and two-story styles. The development is named Hawk’s Nest Crossing and the condos are targeted to sell to empty nesters and single people over the age of 55.

Don DeVille told trustees and the 50 plus residents in attendance that he developed the plans from feedback he has collected from residents, local agencies and organizations. He spent the better part of an hour going through his plans to address the issues he gathered from his research.

One of the concerns he faced was that residents were worried the open space areas on the plan would one day be developed. DeVille amended his original plan to include a rezoning of the open spaces to OS (open space district) which will prohibit him from developing those areas into “perpetuity”.

“Having the OS zoning will ensure no additional buildings will be put up on the property except for the 69 condos,” DeVille said.

He also said the condo development will have a homeowner’s association made of up the owners who will maintain the open spaces, roads and other aspects of the development. Each condo owner will have voting rights as to what happens to the property surrounding the development. And, to make any changes, there would have to 100 percent support from the owners.

Residents voiced many other concerns including water retention, flooding, traffic, topography and preserving wetlands.

Several residents told the trustees that “no means no”. The residents mentioned that they voted down a rezoning of that same area a couple of years ago and they still believe that the area should remain zoned rural residential.

Several residents asked why DeVille wouldn’t consider building single family homes on the land which the current zoning allows.

All of the trustees wanted to take some time to review the plans and follow up on some of the details before making a decision. They rescheduled their next regular meeting at 5 p.m. Dec. 19 to 5 p.m. and they are planning to vote on the issue on Dec. 23.

The Jackson Township Zoning Commission approved the rezoning on Nov. 14.

Other actions:

• Paid bills in the amount of $1.9 million.

• Approved a rezoning request to go from Suburban Office & Limited Business District to Neighborhood Business District approximately. The proper owner of 1.69 acres located at 4525 Everhard Road NW, is planning to tear down a building on the proper to make room for a new building.

• Swore in James Monigold as full-time police major.

• Accepted a donation to the police department of $500 from Christopher and Denise Scala.

• Authorized an extension of the North Park Amphitheater Audio Visual project March 20, 2020 to May 1, 2020.

• Awarded the Amherst and Fulton traffic signal project to Graham Electric at a cost of $87,545, which was the lowest and best bid.

• Accepted a $500 donation to the park division from Northwest Jackson Soccer League.

• Hired Richard R. Rohn as the new public works director taking the place of Ralph Boger who will retire at the end of this year. Effective Jan. 2, 2020, he will be making $77,500 annually and will supervise the parks, highway and service departments.

• Hired Michele L. Moore as the public works clerical assistant effective Jan. 2, 2020 with an annual salary of $42,036. Moore has been working for the township as receptionist/secretary for the administration.

• Approved purchasing an extraction tool for the fire department from for one of the tower trucks at a cost $10,995.

UP NEXT: Meets 5 p.m. Dec. 23 at Township Hall