Someone removed items Nov. 17 from a storage box in the back of the store at Dave’s Darn Near Anything. The person was described as white and between 5’ and 5’ 6” with red plaid PJs, a camo coat, and work boots. He was caught on surveillance camera.

A woman reported Nov. 22 that her ex has been continuously calling, texting, and taking pictures of her residence after a domestic disturbance on Nov. 18. The ex was told then to stop all contact. A warrant was issued for violation of a protection order, telecommunications harassment, and mancing by staking. The ex was arrested on Nov. 23. He was taken to jail.

During a traffic stop Nov. 24, a 15-year-old passenger had their parent contacted. The parent said that her daughter should be with a 17-year-old boy. Instead, the daughter was with a 24-year-old man. The daughter was being unruly with officers so they arrested and searched her. They found a container of marijuana. The man was arrested for adult curfew and possession of Xanax. The daughter was released to her mom and referred to juvenile diversion. The adult was issued a summons and released.

A man reported Nov. 28 that his next door neighbor used a paintball gun to damage a vehicle on his property.

A neighbor reported Nov. 28 that a woman was screaming outside. The woman was extremely drunk and causing a scene. She was told by officers to stay in her room and stop screaming. She attempted to leave and then slammed the door when an officer tried to stop her. The door hit the officer and she was arrested. She resisted. She was charged with disorderly conduct and resisting arrest. She was issued a summons and released.


Police were called Nov. 17 for a domestic disturbance and the woman told police that her boyfriend had punched her in the shoulder, causing her to fall on the ground and hurt her right foot. The next day she went to the doctor where she had her foot examined and was diagnosed with a stress fracture. The officer placed the boyfriend under arrest for domestic violence and he was taken to jail.

A student was not complying Nov. 21 when she was told to put her phone away at Manchester High School. The student was supposed to be given her detention and told to go to the office. Instead, the student said she "wasn't doing anything" and put her phone in her locker. When a teacher tried to retrieve the phone, the student shouted she "wasn't going anywhere, mind my own business” and more angry words. She was told again to go to the office and stop making a scene. She refused and went to study hall. The teacher went into her study hall and advised her he would have to contact an officer. The student began cursing again and being disruptive. An officer arrived and told her to go to the office. She shouted curse words and insults, sitting on the floor and refusing to move. Eventually, the officer got her to walk down to the office and she was advised to put down her phone. She began to get upset again and she was placed under arrest for being unruly. She was later released to her grandfather.

A man had a warrant for his arrest. An officer spotted him in his vehicle Nov. 22 and attempted to pull him over. He refused to stop and the pursuit was terminated due to vehicle speed and weather conditions. Ohio State Highway Patrol was able to stop the vehicle with spike strips and the man was taken to the health center for medical condition. There, he was issued a summons for failure to comply and several traffic other citations.

A man stated Nov. 23 that his roommate saw his vehicle being taken by an acquaintance they knew. The reporting man said he was sleeping and did not give their acquaintance permission to take the vehicle. The keys had been on a key hook at the residence. The reporting man contacted the acquaintance and told him to return the vehicle now and that he did not have permission to take it. The acquaintance said he would return the vehicle in 25 minutes but did not show up. The next day, the reporting man received a text message that the vehicle and keys were returned. The reporting man and his roommate were not at home during that time and no one should have been in their home. Police were given permission to go to the residence and enter. Police saw the returned vehicle and a man inside the home. The man, matching the description of the acquaintance, would not open the door so police entered and arrested him.

A vehicle was stopped Nov. 24 for expired plates. It turns out the driver had a suspended license and multiple warrants. He was arrested and taken to jail.

An officer saw a man that he knew had a suspended license driving a vehicle that was not his on Nov. 25. The officer stopped the vehicle and spoke with the owner. The owner said she knew that the man did not have a license and she did not want to drive herself so she let him drive. She was placed under arrest and released with a summons.

A car went off the left side of the roadway and hit a ditch and came to a stop in a front yard on Nov. 26. An officer talked to the driver and noticed a strong odor of alcohol. The driver was checked out by New Franklin Fire Department and cleared. He then performed several standard field sobriety tests, which he failed. The man was placed under arrest and refused to do a breath test.


During the night Nov. 21, a man approached the AT&T’s closed store and broke the glass near the entrance. Then he left.

Police received a complaint Nov. 22 about a truck smoking on the roadway. Police contacted the driver, who said he was waiting for a lady friend who was taking a while to get ready. The driver told police he had a CCW and had a gun on his hip. Police asked the man to get out of the vehicle so they could secure the firearm while they spoke. The man said he did not have any other weapons or drugs when asked. He gave consent to search the vehicle. Police found a pouch with an American flag on it and inside was a meth pipe and lighter. The man said it was not his and someone put it there, but would not give a name. He tried to take it back from officers and they arrested him. Inside the car, police also found mint cans with an assortment of pills inside and two white baggied with rocks that tested positive for meth. The man said he didn’t know anything about this. Police also found a can of pills on the driver. He was charged with drug paraphernalia, improper handling of firearms, and possession of drugs. He was issued a summons and released.

A 44-year-old man was yelling at employees at Walmart on Nov. 22. He was escorted out of the building and was found to be intoxicated. He was issued a summons for disorderly conduct and called a cab.

Officers were following up on a previous call Nov. 22 and found three people on a property that had “No Trespassing” signs posted. Two of the men were detained. They were advised of their warrants and issued a summons for criminal trespassing. They were notified of their warrants and released.

A businessman called police because he saw a white man wearing a hoodie hanging around his business on Nov. 22. He saw it on remote video, but the video was not set up to record. Police responded, but did not find anything. On Nov. 25, the businessman found that two catalytic converters had been stolen from trucks on the property.

A couple in their 40s was overdosing in a South Arlington Road parking lot Nov. 22. They were given Narcan and refused further treatment. The car was towed.

A woman ordered an airsoft gun online for $1,357.60 and had it delivered. UPS said it was delivered, but it was not on her porch when she looked Nov. 23. The package may have been stolen.

A cashier reported that a man came into a gas station Nov. 23, set a gun on the counter, and demanded everything. The cashier gave the man the cash in the register and took her iPhone and fled. The man is described as black.

A man reported that his camper had been broken into between Nov. 9 and Nov. 25. Extension cords, a surge protector, a grill, folding chairs, propane tanks, a tool set, a folding ladder, a black air compressor and more were stolen.

A woman reported that between Nov. 14 and Nov. 25, she purchased $5,000 worth of Best Buy and Target gift card at the request of a man she thought was from Mark Trammell Ministries. The woman gave the account numbers to the man over the phone and later learned she had been scammed.


A man was involved in a vehicle accident on Nov. 12 and was checked out by Coventry Fire and then performed field sobriety tests. He admitted to taking Percocet. He also admitted to using fentanyl when a spoon was found in his vehicle. He was arrested for OVI and possession of drugs. He was taken to jail.

At Chapparells Community Center, someone removed a utility trailer from the property and a neighbor reported it on Nov. 12. The trailer was found on a lot. The suspect is described as a white man with a white Ford flatbed.

On Teal Circle Nov. 12, someone stole baby stroller out of an unlocked vehicle during the night.

During a traffic stop Nov. 13, a woman was found with hypodermic needles and white residue in her vehicle. She was issued a summons for possession of drug abuse instruments and released.

At Revere Trucking on Nov. 13, a man was employed after taking a drug test and given a Samsung tablet to use for work on Oct. 22. When the results came back, the employee had failed the drug test and he was let go from his job and told to return the tablet. The employee told police he would mail it in but the company had still not received it and wants to file charges.

A man called police on his adult daughter Nov. 19 because they got in an argument and he felt she would harm him. The daughter has a previous conviction for menacing and domestic violence. She would not cooperate with police or tell her side of the story. She was also intoxicated. She was arrested on domestic violence charges.

A woman called police Nov. 21 and said she was trapped in her basement and her husband was destroying their house. Police arrived and could hear the man yelling. He came to the door and was detained. The woman was found in the basement. The woman said the husband had gotten mad at her when she asked him about a green bag. He had thrown her across the bed and her head hit the wall. Then he threw things at her and said he was going to kill her. She went to hide and he began to destroy items in their home. The man was arrested on domestic violence charges. During a search, police found a meth pipe in his pants pocket and possession of drug abuse instruments was added as a charge. He was taken to jail.

Overnight Nov. 23, someone entered a woman's yard and got dirty, bloody handprints all over her vehicle on East Willow View.

On Oct. 7, there was a traffic crash that resulted in damage to multiple vehicles in the Galaxy Auto parking lot. The vehicle that caused the damage had left the scene before police arrived and was later found abandoned. The owner of the vehicle said she had gone to the bar earlier that day and had returned home by 1 a.m. and that someone must have stolen her vehicle. The woman was told she needed to come in to give a statement and provide her vehicle's insurance information. She would not and would not make contact with police again. Her father contacted police Nov. 23 about getting her car out of impound and was told she needed to come into the office. She still did not. The woman has a previous conviction for leaving the scene of an accident.

Someone took a business check from Mirror Promotion on Nov. 25 and wrote a check for Helping Hands Restoration for $996.34. The signature is unreadable.

A woman found a property listing on Craigslist and sent a money order for $1,000 down payment on a home in Akron. She was then contacted by the "seller" for additional payment to finalize the contract. She became suspicious and contacted the Remax agent who said she was the second person to report something like this and she had been a victim of fraud.

A 16-year-old called police Nov. 26 because his mother and aunt had gotten into a physical fight. One of the women had thrown rocks at the other and then charged her. The two wrestled on the ground but parted before police arrived. They continued to yell at each other. The police charged the woman that threw the rocks with domestic violence and she was taken to jail.


At Giant Eagle on Nov. 5, two people were being arrested for theft. Officers said the man became combative and he was ordered to the ground by Taser. The man did so and then hit the officer with his shoulder and then became a dead weight. He was charged with theft, resisting arrest, and assault on a police officer. He was taken to jail. The other person was charged with theft and released with a summons.

A man reported Nov. 8 that he had a mannequin with a briefcase standing in a lot for a political purpose. When he went to retrieve the mannequin, it was gone.

A woman reported Nov. 12 that someone used her bank card to buy $651.36 worth of tickets for a Broadway show. She did not make that charge. The bank card was deactivated.

A man received a call from the IRS Nov. 12 saying he was behind on his payments and would be arrested. He was told to send $2,000 worth of Target gift cards. He did so and gave the card numbers out over the phone. Later he reported this to police.

A man reported Nov. 13 that someone threw a chunk of cinderblock through a sign that he was renting. The man is in a civil dispute with the new owner of Prestwick Country Club over the sign and believes he may be responsible for the damage. The man may have footage of the incident.

A woman received a text message from Discover card Nov. 17 that her account had been charged $796.51 from Sam's Club online by someone trying to buy a security camera. The person had also changed her shipping address to one in Salem. She contacted the fraud department and Sam's Club who told her the package had already been delivered.

A man reported Nov. 18 that someone used his personal information to change his Ohio police and fire pension to deposit into another bank.

A man received text messages from someone pretending to be from the FBI Nov. 18, saying they needed the man's personal information. The man told them he was filing a police report and the person texted back that he would regret it. The man is also reporting this incident with the FBI.

A teenager reported Nov. 20 that she heard noises on the roof near her skylight. She also saw a hand and a smudge on the skylight. She contacted police and the crime scene technician came out. It was determined the smudge was from an earlier date and the homeowner had left it.

On Cottage Grove, a woman was walking around her home Nov. 21 when she turned on a light and saw someone in a black stocking cap standing on her deck. The person then ran into her back yard and disappeared. Police could not locate the person.

A man reported Nov. 21 that someone used his credit card to make a balance transfer on the telephone in the amount of $6,464.34. He has since had his credit card reissued.

A man's vehicle had been stolen while he was visiting a friend on Beechnut on Nov. 22. He had accidentally left the keys in the vehicle. The vehicle was later found on Pickle Road and it was missing its battery and keys.

During early morning hours Nov. 23, two white men in ski masks broke into Brubakers through a window. They took the cash drawer which did not have money in it and two bottles of Crown Royal.

Overnight Nov. 25, someone broke into the VTM Basic Value Adder machine and took cash.