LAKE TWP. During the regular meeting on Nov. 25, the Lake Township Board of Trustees approved closing the yard waste site Nov. 30 through April 2, with the exception of opening regular hours Jan. 2-11, so that residents can dispose of their live Christmas trees.

Road Department Superintendent Daniel Kamerer told the trustees that people from all over the county have been dumping yard waste at the Lake Township site. He said there have been cars from as far away as Portage County dumping waste at the site.

Kamerer said that other local waste sites have gone private and that has caused people from other communities to bring their yard waste to the township’s site.

“On the weekends, we can see up to 27 cars lined up at a time all day long,” Kamerer said.

He also told the trustees that total hard costs to date are $82,705, but it is closer to $100,000 when soft costs are added into the total. Hard costs include the fees to have the dumpsters emptied and the yard waste is hauled to Earth N Wood and for man hours at the site. Soft costs include the expenses for running the front-end loader.

To date, 411 dumpsters have been sent to Earth N Wood and it has taken 800 man hours to operate the site.

Kamerer asked the trustees to consider brainstorming ideas for tighter management of the site. Trustees said that closing the site during the winter will help defray some of the cost.

“It would be helpful to come up with a way to let our residents know what goes into running the site and why we may need more rules to try to keep it just for Lake Township residents,” Kamerer.

The township received a grant from the Stark-Tuscaraws-Wayne Joint Solid Waste Management of over $60,000 to help defray some of the annual costs to maintain the site.


• Authorized paying bills as of Nov. 25 in the amount of $43,341.

• Approved the purchase of a replacement man door for the administrative offices from Hartville Hardware at a cost of $2,575.

• Approved requesting a list of road damages from the Stark County Engineer’s office in relation to the letter the township received about the NEXUS project being complete in the township. Part of the NEXUS Road Use Maintenance Agreement (RUMA) includes that NEXUS would repair any damaged roads that resulted from the project.

UP NEXT: Meets 6:30 p.m. Dec. 9 at Township Hall