COVENTRY TWP. Fire hydrants have been and continue to be a hot topic in Coventry.

During the Nov.19 Akron and Coventry Joint Economic Development District (JEDD) meeting, officials from Coventry and Akron discussed painting the hydrants in Coventry Township.

Fire hydrants have been discussed on several occasions and the township would like to paint them because of their poor condition. The hydrants are owned by Akron, but the city has not been maintaining them.

Coventry Trustee Edward Diebold posed the question if there could be JEDD money used to help paint the hydrants. He said Trustee Richard Kutuchief painted about 20 of them on his own, but the rest need to be addressed.

The hydrants were checked this year and are functioning.

Akron Mayor Danial Horrigan said the cap color normally relates to the pressure-flow according to his fire chief. Coventry Township Trustee Robert Saffian said there are only two different pressures in the township.

“I am done fighting people about this,” Diebold added. “It is getting old.”

Horrigan said the problem with having groups or organizations painting them is the fact many of them have lead-based paint on them.

“I don’t want high school students out by the road painting them,” Diebold said.

The last time they were painted is when they were installed.

Diebold said he would gather some information on the cost and present it at the next JEDD meeting.

Horrigan said on average it costs around $90 per hydrant and he agrees they are a safety issue if not painted.

In other business during the Nov. 19 meeting:

• Approved the 2019 JEDD Annual Budget and authorizing expenditures. Revenue has gone up as Akron voters approved to raise the income tax from 2.25 to 2.5 percent in November 2017. Revenue in the Akron/Coventry JEDD is up 5.1 percent, the Akron/Copley JEDD is up 1.7 percent, the Akron/Springfield JEDD is up 7 percent and the Akron/Bath JEDD remains flat. The Akron/Coventry JEDD revenue from income tax was approximately $3.2 million.

• Approved the 2020 JEDD Annual Budget and authorizing expenditures. So far the Akron/Coventry JEDD revenue from income tax through Sept. 30 is approximately $2.6 million.

• Heard from Diebold about Coventry having more of a seat at the table when it comes to economic development. Horrigan said Coventry can come to some of the core economic meetings and present what land it has to offer.

The next JEDD meeting is expected to take place in the first quarter of 2020.