Hartville Hardware reported Oct. 29 that it has been receiving telecommunications harassment.

A woman said Oct. 31 that she was concerned about her adult son after receiving some communication. Uniontown Police said it will extra patrol around her residence.


A West Maple Street gas station reported Oct. 28 that two women stole 78 lighters.

A woman reported to police Oct. 30 that an 18-year-old man is on her property. The man had been told previously by police not to return to the property. The man is attempting to visit the woman’s 15-year-old daughter. The man was arrested for criminal trespass and contributing to the unruliness of a juvenile. The 15-year-old was found in possession of marijuana and paraphernalia. She is being charged as an unruly and delinquent juvenile.

A K-9 officer completed an open air sniff of a vehicle during a traffic stop Oct. 31 and found marijuana and amphetamines. Police also found a scale and two pipes.

A K-9 officer tracked a subject with a felony warrant Nov. 6 for Lakemore Police Department. The person had jumped off a second story balcony and fled. The K-9 unit located the person who has taken into custody.


A woman reported Oct. 20 that her roommate stole several items from her while she was in the hospital for seven days. She said a crockpot, dog bowl and a pair of beats headphones were gone. The roommate would not answer. No charges were filed.

A resident heard screams for help Oct. 21 near Main Street and Springfield Lake Drive. The resident followed the screams to the empty field and observed a black Dodge Durango in the field with a woman and a dog inside. The vehicle had expired license plates and the woman was taken to the hospital for an evaluation. The woman also had active warrants.

A man paid a friend to do yard work on Oct. 25. The friend never finished the work and the man believes the friend also stole his paint sprayer which went missing from the garage at the same time.

Lakemore Police Department assisted Springfield Police Department in breaking up a loud party where kids were breaking windows on Oct. 27. Springfield Police had made multiple arrests when a 16-year-old girl attempted to stop them. She was also intoxicated and she was charged with disorderly conduct, obstructing official business, and resisting or interfering with arrest. Two days later, the girl showed up to the Police Department with her mother. They were shown the body cam footage of the incident and the girl was released to her mother.

During a traffic stop on Nov. 3, the driver was found to have an active warrant. He was placed under arrest and was found to be in possession of a clear baggy of suspected marijuana. He was issued a summons for possession of marijuana and taken to jail.

A woman was driving down the road Nov. 4 when someone threw a rock hitting her back window causing it to shatter.

A 14-year-old reportedly pushed and shoved her mother into a wall during an altercation over her being unruly on Nov. 4. She was arrested on domestic violence charges.

A man reported Nov. 4 that his roommate has been stealing his food for several months and threatened to kill him when he said he was calling the police to report him. The roommate has not been charged.

An employee of a Canton Road store contacted police Nov. 5 about an older woman in the store, who was threatening to shoot people. The woman then left the store and was walking toward another nearby store. Police located her and found that she had an active warrant out of the Akron Municipal Courts for Criminal Trespass from 1996. She also appeared to have some mental issues. She was turned over to Akron Municipal.


A woman stated Oct. 21 that her boyfriend broke her windshield around 3 a.m. The boyfriend admitted that he broke the windshield. He was issued a summons for criminal damaging.

Police received a loud noise complaint for several loud explosions on Nov 2. At the reported address, police spoke with a man who was setting of the fireworks. The man was advised that if he set off fireworks again that he would be cited. On Nov. 5, the department received more complaints about fireworks from the same area. An officer responded and watched a firework being set off at the address. The officer saw the smoke and smelled the odor from the firework being discharged when he pulled in the driveway. The man told the officer that he did set off a firework. The man was arrested and released him on a summons.

A woman stated in the evening of Nov. 6 someone had broken the window to her vehicle. She believed it was a man she knew and wanted him trespassed. The man said he was at work the whole time. Police advised him that he could not return to her property.

A husband stated Nov. 7 that his wife had gotten into an argument with a man they knew. The husband intervened and told the man not speak to his wife like that and to get out of her face. The husband said the man then grabbed him by the shoulders and neck and threw him down on the couch in the living room. The wife said the man left on foot. A warrant has been issued for his arrest.

A man who was being investigated for domestic violence on Nov. 8 had a warrant out for previous charges of domestic violence. He was placed under arrest and police found had a glass pipe and a bag of marijuana in his pocket. Also in the vehicle was a woman and her two children. At the residence where domestic violence was called for this incident, the woman’s relatives said they were arguing with the woman. That’s when the arrested man tackled one of the relatives and held him on the ground. A fight ensued between the relatives, the woman and the arrested man. Then the arrested man, the woman and the two kids left the residence. Summit County Child Services were called about concerns and, after speaking with the kids, the home with the woman was determined to be unsafe. The kids were put into the care of children’s services.

A woman reported Nov. 10 that a man she knew followed her when she was driving. When she pulled into the driveway, the man struck the mailbox and drove off screaming profanity at her. The woman’s mother had surveillance video. The vehicle could not be seen, but there was audio of the incident. Police talked to the man and noticed his vehicle didn't have any damage. He said the woman made up this situation and is trying to set him up.

Someone entered a detached garage on Nimisila Road between Oct. 29 and Nov. 10 and stole items. The owner said that an unknown man had come by the property asking about buying some equipment. The unknown man also took it upon himself to clean up another shed on his property. The owner’s wife said she saw the unknown man using the chainsaw around the yard. Both state that they did not see the unknown man enter into the garage at any point.

A woman reported Nov. 11 that she is the protected person on a temporary protection order against her daughter, and that her daughter called her six times. On the sixth call, the woman answered the phone because she wasn't familiar with the number. The caller said it was her daughter and she knew that she wasn't supposed to be calling but the daughter wanted to talk to her father. The woman hung up on her.

A woman reported that on Nov. 6 her boyfriend physically assaulted her over some text messages that she had received. She stated that he struck her multiple times in the face and body. She stated that he also took her phone and would not give it back until the next day. On Nov. 9, they started arguing again and he grabbed her and put a handgun in her mouth and threatened her. The woman had bruises on her face, legs and upper back. The man was placed under arrest for domestic violence and aggravated menacing and he was taken to jail. On Nov. 12, four firearms were logged into evidence.

During a random BMV license plate check Nov. 12, the license plate returned that the owner of the vehicle was suspended. The vehicle was stopped and the owner was driving. The vehicle was searched and police found a metal pipe with a black sock inside. Inside the black sock was a glass pipe and a small plastic zip lock bag containing white crystals. The owner was placed under arrest and said that he knew the drugs were in there but they were not his. The drugs tested positive for meth and he was taken to jail.

A woman reported Nov. 14 that someone had used her identity to log onto her Verizon account and purchased two iPhones on her account and had them sent to an unknown location in New York. This matter is currently under investigation.


Outside an East Waterloo Road bowling alley, a 35-year-old man was urinating by the front door. The man was arrested for disorderly conduct and he also had two warrants.

There was a report of domestic violence Nov. 3 at a Canton Road mobile home park. During the investigation, a man was sitting in the car and he was asked to get out. He would not. He was arrested for obstructing and he began to pull away. He threatened to burn the officers with a cigarette. The man was Tased twice. He then got out of the vehicle so he ran from officers. The man was caught and taken into custody. After being checked out, he was released with a summons for obstructing and resisting arrest.

Three men were seen breaking into a Shanafelt Avenue storage unit on Nov. 3. A sweeper and shop vac were taken.

At an Education Alternative School on Nov. 4, a 14-year-old wanted his cell phone and to leave school. School officials refused. The boy punched a window in a door, which shattered. He ran through the halls and fought with a school official who tried to stop him from leaving. He fled the school and tried to hide from police but eventually returned to school. The school filed charges and the boy was taken to juvenile detention. He was charged with vandalism.

In the afternoon of Nov. 5, a man heard explosions while he was playing Xbox. He ran to his neighbor’s house where he heard it but could not make contact with them. He called 911. Police found the barn was on fire and made contact with the residents.

A man went into a South Arlington Road store on Nov. 5 where he had been previously trespassed. He said he was unaware that he was not allowed back. He was issued a summons for criminal trespass.

A woman in her 30s crashed her vehicle on Nov. 7. She said she had been showing her nine-year-old son how fast her car went. The woman was charged with child endangering and cited for reckless operation.

Two men were asked to leave a South Arlington Road store on Nov. 9 and refused. Police were notified. The men were cited for criminal trespass. One of the men was released. The other man was taken into custody after a search. They found a hypodermic needle, white crystal substance and a powder substance. He was taken back to the department where it was found he had given false information and he actually had two warrants. He was charged with possession of drug abuse instruments, criminal trespass, and obstructing. The substances were sent for testing.

A man was arrested at a South Arlington Road store Nov. 9 for making a fraudulent return of $26.64. When police searched him, they found two hypodermic needles. He was issued a summons for theft and for drug abuse instruments. He was released.

The owner of Pressler Road business reported Nov. 11 that someone dumped trees and brush onto the property.

A 30-year-old man was walking down the street swinging nunchucks on Nov. 11. He was stopped and, during questioning, he admitted to having warrants but not drugs. Police searched him and found two baggies of meth, a butterfly knife and a scale. He was issued a summons for drug paraphernalia and drugs. He was also transferred to Portage County Sheriff’s Office for a domestic violence warrant.

A woman was sitting with her child in a car Nov. 12 when someone shot out the passenger side window. She believed it was the neighbors and, when confronted by police, the neighbors admitted to it. They had been using BB guns and said they did not mean to do it. The neighbors, teen boys, were charged with criminal damaging and endangering children.

The owner of a Canton Road car dealership reported Nov. 13 that someone stole two catalytic converters from vehicles on the lot over the last two days.


A man found the rear window of his car had been broken out Nov. 1 at a South Arlington Road barber school. Nothing appeared to be stolen.

Someone reported Nov. 2 that a man had been assaulted by an acquaintance. The man and the acquaintance had been arguing via text messages when the acquaintance came over to the man's house. The acquaintance punched the man in the face and a fight started in the yard. Police met with the acquaintance who said the man had been challenging him to a fight all day and even a phone recording of the man telling him to come fight. Then, the man sent the acquaintance a picture of the acquaintance's home saying he was outside. The acquaintance said the man threw the first punch which missed and he was just defending himself. No charges were filed.

Three men were fighting in a parking lot on Nov. 2 and when police arrived, one of the men ran. He was apprehended via Taser and it was found he had warrants. He was arrested for obstructing. All three men were also charged with disorderly conduct by fighting and taken to jail. One of the men also had a white powder on him which has been sent to testing.

A woman was away on a trip to Aruba for a week when someone entered her home Nov. 4 through an unlocked window and stole six rings. The woman had told several people she was going away for a week and to watch her house. She had also enlisted a pet sitting service to feed her cat.

Police were called Nov. 4 when a woman at a fast food restaurant was upset because she was hungry and said a manager making her sandwich wasn't moving fast enough. When it was time to pay, the woman grabbed the manager's wrist and pulled her into the counter, knocking things over. The woman was arrested for assault and banned from the establishment.

An employee of a Manchester Road fast food restaurant was arrested Nov. 6 after police saw him sleeping in his car in the parking lot. The employee had a warrant for failure to pay child support. Police found a meth pipe in the car and the man was issued a summons for possession of paraphernalia. His manager let the car stay in the lot rather than be towed.

A man went to take his son to the hospital Nov. 9 because he was sick. When he arrived at the residence, an acquaintance met him and began to punch him in the head and face until he fell to the ground. The acquaintance admitted to hitting the man because of a previous assault. The acquaintance was arrested for assault and taken to jail.

Police got reports Nov. 9 of a car on the side of the interstate with the driver's door open and the driver slumped over. When they arrived, they found the driver sleeping reclined in the car and the window was broken out. The driver, a 25-year-old woman, was woken up but she could not tell police who she was or where she was. The woman's license was also suspended. She was asked to get out of the vehicle so Coventry Fire could check her out, but she crawled into the passenger side instead. She did not have a shoes or coat on and refused treatment. The woman was issued a traffic citation and her car was towed. During the tow inventory, police found a half-empty bottle of tequila. The woman then walked over to the bushes and began to use her cell phone. Police asked her to go to one of the cruisers so they could give her a ride to a safe area. She refused several times. She was placed under arrest for disorderly conduct, obstructing official business, and driving under an OVI suspension. She was taken to jail.


A man reported Oct. 31 that he was working at Lauby Road business when two people cut the catalytic converter off his vehicle. The same two people also cut the converters of three other people. Video footage does not show the license plate of the vehicle the two people arrived in.

A woman said Nov. 1 she left her purse in a shopping cart at a Corporate Woods Parkway grocery store while she was loading groceries in her car. She didn't notice it missing until she drove next door. When she returned, the purse was gone and had not been turned in. She notified her bank.

A woman reported Nov. 1 that her son has been more and more angry with her in the last few months. The 29-year-old man has been yelling at her and slammed and kicked on her bedroom door. He admitted he may have hit the door harder than he should. She believed he would break the door down to get to her. She signed a protection order against him and he was arrested on domestic violence charges.

A woman reported Nov. 3 that her 43-year-old ex broke into her house and refused to leave. He had taken her laptop and threatened to slash her tires. She said he was drunk and threatened her when she called the police. Police took the man into custody. He had stolen a key to enter the residence. He was charged with burglary, theft and domestic violence.

A woman stated Nov. 3 that her husband broke things around their home and then put his hands on her neck and pushed her. The husband said they were his things to break and he didn't put his hands on the wife. Pictures of the broken items and the woman's injuries were taken. The man was arrested for domestic violence. When he was put into the police car, he kicked out the rear window.

A plow pump had been removed from its mount from a business on Nov. 3.

An 18-year-old son fought his mother outside her residence on Nov. 3. He was seen by neighbors and he was arrested on domestic violence and taken to jail.

At Portage Lakes Career Center, someone found two spent shell casings in a classroom on Nov. 4. A K-9 search of the building did not find anything else.

A husband and wife had a fight Nov. 7 and the husband told her that he would hurt her if she called police. He was arrested on domestic violence and taken to jail.

A woman saw a man throw a rock at a window at a Mayfair Road apartment Nov. 8 causing the window to break. The man then fled in a maroon vehicle.

It was reported Nov. 8 that a man wearing black clothing and gloves pulled out a handgun and demanded money from the register of a Massillon Road gas station. Then he fled.

A man's brother got intoxicated during a visit Nov. 9 and the man wanted the brother to leave. The brother would not. Police asked the brother the leave. The brother would not. He was arrested for criminal trespass and taken to jail.

A woman's ex was harassing her Nov. 9 and threatening her via text message and phone calls. She asked him to stop several times but he continued saying he was going to beat her to death. The man would not make contact with police. A warrant was issued for his arrest.

A man reported Nov. 10 that his girlfriend had picked him up so he could come with them to take their son to the hospital. The man said he asked the woman what was wrong with their son several times but she would not tell him. He said he wanted to get out and asked her to stop the car, but she would not. He said he would call police if she did not stop. He said she threw the phone out the window so he punched her in the face. That's when she stopped and he walked to Akron Canton Airport to report the incident. The girlfriend and son, who was 15-months-old, were contacted and they relayed that they were okay and headed to the girlfriend's father's home. The father took the girlfriend and son to the Green Police Department and the girlfriend had a black eye, a cut lip, scratches on her arm and a bump on her head. She said she was driving with her son and a friend to take the son to the hospital when they stopped to pick up the son's father. She said the man got angry with her and demanded to be let out while they were on the interstate. She said she wasn't going to stop on the highway and she would get off at the next exit. She said the man told her to buckle up because he was going to kill them all. She said the man then grabbed the wheel and jerked it to take an exit. She said he also punched her in the head and used his foot to hit the brake. Then, as he got out, he punched her again in the face. The friend in the car also gave a statement to police and a temporary protection order was put in place. The man has a warrant for his arrest for domestic violence and endangering children.