COVENTRY TWP. Some additional lighting will soon be installed in the parking lot of the administration/fire station/town hall building.

During the Nov. 14 board meeting, trustees approved the proposal from ANR Electric in the amount of $1,910 for the installation of two 300-watt LED floodlights. The lights will have dusk to dawn control and will be installed on the existing pole in the corner of the parking lot.

The additional lighting is being added for safety and security purposes.

Trustee Robert Saffian asked about the lights being motion-activated so they aren’t on all the time. He said that could save on electricity costs.

The township wasn't quoted for motion-activated lights, however, and Township Administrator Anna Bryant said officials want to have the lights on at all times for security reasons.

In other business Nov. 14, trustees:

• Approved to not request a hearing for the transfer of a D1 & D3 liquor license permit from Pinolo which is changing its restaurant name from Tito’s Mexican Grill to Tito’s Coventry. This transfer is from one LLC to another.

• Heard from Coventry Road Superintendent Lael Stouffer that his department is preparing for winter. He said maintenance is being done now to the trucks as crews already went out once to put some salt down following several inches of snow which fell Nov. 11. He said his crew is replacing signs and trimming trees. He had hoped to do more drainage work, but the weather change happened. Stouffer said work will soon begin on developing the resurfacing list for 2020.

• Heard from Saffian who said he is disappointed he didn’t win a seat on the trustee board in the recent election. He said he would like to express his appreciation to those he worked with. He hopes to continue to be active in the township and provide his input regarding the dam project that he initiated and is so very proud of. He said regardless of who is trustee, he will support them.

• Heard from Trustee Richard Kutuchief who said his four years on the Board of Trustees went by fast. He said much was accomplished and he wants to thank those who supported him in the election. He said he is hoping for the best for the new trustees who take over in January.

• Heard from Trustee Edward Diebold who thanked Saffian and Kutuchief for their dedication and service to the township. He said public service is a tough gig and he said you don’t have to have a title to get things done in the township.

The next Coventry Township Trustees Meeting is set for 7 p.m. Dec. 12 at the Community Center on Willowview Drive.