Police received a report Oct. 26 of kids going through unlocked cars. The kids were chased and they ran into a house. Police could smell marijuana coming from the house and saw the juveniles drinking alcohol through a back window. The homeowner was called. She was on vacation and gave consent to break-up the party. A 16-year-old girl got loud when police entered and would not leave the residence. She was placed under arrest and allegedly began to fight the officers. Another 16-year-old girl, the first girl’s twin, was located in a bedroom and she allegedly began fighting with a third party when police entered the room. This girl was placed in a cruiser. While talking to the mother of the twins, the second twin tried to leave the cruiser and go back into the house several times. Eventually, the police were going to release the twins to their mother, but the second twin would not stay in her mother’s vehicle. She kicked the door open and allegedly kicked the officer. She was then arrested and the first twin began resisting as well. They were charged with assault on a officer, disorderly conduct, underage consumption and resisting arrest. They were taken to juvenile detention. Many other guests were checked and released to their parents.

A 25-year-old woman stole from a South Arlington Road store on Oct. 26 and went to a nearby hotel. Police went to her room and found her with needles and a glass pipe. They also found the stolen items, a pair of shoes. She also had warrants out of Copley Township. She was issued a summons for theft and turned over to Copley Police.

An adult daughter asked her mother to go get milk for cereal on Oct. 27. The mother said no. About a half hour later, the daughter allegedly grabbed a pole and began to hit items on the table and knocking things off the fireplace. The daughter demanded the mother go get milk. The mother called 911 and the daughter retreated to her bedroom. Police had to break down the daughter’s bedroom door because she would not open it. She was arrested on domestic violence.

A 20-year-old man took an employee’s phone Oct. 29 from a Canton Road restaruant and would not return it. Police got involved and the man refused to leave. He finally returned the phone and he was arrested and issued a summons for disorderly conduct. He was released and told not to return to the restaruant or he would face criminal trespassing charges.

Overnight Oct. 30, someone broke open the battery compartment of a wheel loader for Terrace Construction and stole the battery. They also stole the quick-connects off a company air-compressor.

During a traffic stop Oct. 31 for expired tags, three men in the car were arrested. One passenger had a warrant out of Summit County and was taken to jail. Police also found a pipe belonging to him and he was charged with possession of drug paraphernalia. During an inventory of the vehicle, police also found meth by another passenger’s seat. He was also taken to jail. A third passenger had a meth pipe in his book bag. He was arrested, issued a summons for drug paraphernalia, and released. The driver, a woman, was cited for the expired tags and her car was towed.

Two family members got into a struggle Nov. 1 when one came over to the other man’s house to get his keys. The pair have different stories and one was intoxicated at the time. They did admit to biting each other. They did not want to press charges.


A juvenile ran away around 10 a.m. Oct. 22. He has been texting his mother that he is okay. He has been entered into LEADS as missing and a BOLO was sent out to surrounding agencies.

Someone broke into a Vanderhoof Road business overnight Oct. 24 and stole several items.

A mother said her son did not return home after school on Oct. 25. Police entered the boy into LEADS as a missing juvenile. The mother also said she would like the son charged with unruly juvenile because he does not follow the rules at home and that he has run away or been reported missing several times in the past few months. Later that evening, police spoke with the teen who returned had home. The mother said her son said he was going to punch her in the face if she did not give him his cell phone back. The son was placed under arrest for domestic violence and unruly juvenile. He was taken to Summit County Juvenile Detention Center.

A woman stated Oct. 25 that she got into an argument with her daughter over a child custody issue. The woman said her daughter pushed her and slapped her arm. The woman also said she would kill herself the next day. The daughter’s sister also had an argument about child custody and said the daughter spit in her face and hit her. The sister also confirmed the suicidal threats. The daughter was placed under arrest for domestic violence. The daughter was admitted to the hospital for observation and, when she was released, she was issued two summons for domestic violence.

After a report of a possible drunk driver Oct. 25, an officer found the driver slumped in the driver’s seat with the keys in the ignition right after 5 p.m. The driver said he was okay and just pulled in the driveway to go to work. The driver smelled of alcohol and had bloodshot eyes. When the officer asked for his license, the driver handed him a business card. When the officer asked again, the driver handed the officer his wallet. The driver had a suspended license and said he had been drinking when he was asked. He said he had a few beers and he was given a standard field sobriety test, which he subsequently failed. He was placed under arrest for OVI and he blew a 0.231. He was later released to a sober party with a citation for driving under suspension and driving under the influence. The vehicle was towed.

A man reported Oct. 28 that someone used his credit card for $86.98. He had the card canceled and that he notified the bank of the suspicious activity.

The president of a local charity organization reported that a former secretary was given a credit card to use for organization expenses. The president discovered that the secretary had been using the credit card for his own personal purchases at several restaurants, bars and gas stations. That added up to approximately $5,008.90 dollars since July 1. The president didn't discover the transactions until Oct. 29 because the secretary had the credit card statements sent to his house and was making minimum payments on the card in order to not attract any attention. When questioned by the president, the secretary said he was in the process of transferring the balance onto one of his personal credit cards. The president advised the secretary that the transfer should post to the account by the first week of November of this year. The president told police that if the transfer does not post, he would contact them to proceed with the investigation.


A woman reported a fight between her mother and step-father on Oct. 25. The woman said she could hear yelling and things being thrown and someone falling onto the floor upstairs. When police arrived, the man fled the scene in his vehicle. The mother was asked if the argument got physical and she said yes, but she did not want to report anything. She said she did not want to press charges, but wanted a restraining order. The stepfather yelled at the mother over the phone while police were on the scene because she asked him to return the vehicle. He refused. A temporary order of protection was completed. The man has a previous conviction for assault. A warrant for domestic violence has been issued for the man.

A woman reported Oct. 27 that her boyfriend assaulted her while she was laying on the couch. She said he pulled her hair and punched her in the head. He was arrested for domestic violence and taken to jail.

While a man was incarcerated from Nov. 28, 2018 to Sept. 7, 2019, someone went onto his property on Eastern Road and stole several items, including an air conditioner, a tools set, solar panels, a copper jet shower kit, a golf cart and a lawn tractor.

A camper was left unlocked after it was repaired while it was being stored in a lower parking lot between Oct. 22 and Oct. 26. Someone entered and stole jewelry, a TV, adaptors for an iPad and a Keurig machine. Surveillance showed several vehicles enter the lot during the time of the theft.

Between Oct. 1 and Oct. 14, someone stole a pallet jack and two storage carts from a Killian Road church. On Oct. 27, someone stole kids' tables and kitchen cabinets from an open sided pavilion. Video shows a white van and a partial plate back up to the pavillion.

While a woman was pet sitting while her friend is in a nursing home on Oct. 30, an acquaintance contacted the woman, saying he needs to get in the friend's house. The woman asked the friend about this and the acquaintance, a 66-year-old man, is not allowed in her house and he should also stop visiting her. The friend believes the man is trying to take advantage of her. Police have notified the man that he is not to go onto her property and he is also on the trespass list for the nursing home.

A 47-year-old man was slumped over in a vehicle in the parking lot of a South Main Street gas station on Oct. 31. Police woke him and he was acting strangely and would not get out of the vehicle. He was taken out of the vehicle and he would not provide his identification. He was told he would be placed under arrest for obstruction. He tried to pull away. He was forced to the ground for the arrest and got a cut on his left eye area. He was treated and released by Coventry Fire. He was arrested for obstruction, disorderly conduct, and resisting arrest. He was taken to jail.


A woman reported that between Oct. 10 and Oct. 15, someone entered the detached building at the rear of her property and stole various tools. Her husband, who had recently passed, had a large collection of car parts, tools and power tools. She is unsure of how much was taken.

During a Halloween Party on Oct. 26, a man became upset with his girlfriend. He pushed her into the wall and she hit her head. She then threw her wine on him. He was arrested for domestic violence and taken to jail.

A woman reported Oct. 26 that a man she had known for a month argued with her while they were driving. She said she wanted to get out of the car. He drove into a parking lot and punched her in the head before he let her out. He then drove off with her purse and keys. She thought he would return so she waited before calling police. She did not want to prosecute. Eventually, he did return and he gave her her belongings. He said they had been arguing but denied hitting her.

A man told police Oct. 27 that he thought his off-road motorcycle had been stolen. During an investigation, the vehicle was found behind a unit in the woods. The man said the ignition had been tampered with, but the bike started.

During a road rage incident Oct. 28, a man in a pickup was following a woman closely. She went to exit the highway and he passed her, nearly hitting her as he got in front of her. She honked at him. He stopped at a stop sign and got out of his vehicle to yell at her. He tried to punch her, but hit her steering wheel and she rolled up her window. He punched her door, leaving a dent. She took down his information as he left. The driver was issued a summons for assault and criminal damaging.


An anonymous call came in Oct. 28 about an intense domestic fight at a Mayfair Road apartment complex. When police arrived, a woman answered the door. She had injuries to her neck, head and arm. Police asked about the man and she pointed them toward the bedroom. He came out with his hands up and was arrested for domestic violence. Green Fire checked out the woman and let her know she would need four to five staples in her head. She said she would go to the hospital on her own. She said her boyfriend had hit her in the head with a barstool after he pushed her to the floor. The man also had two other warrants. Children's Services was also contacted about the condition of the apartment.